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Attempting to delete Row 2 in excel

Hi all,


I created a flow as intake method.  Adding a row to an excel spreadsheet is part of the step. 


The goal is:  Remove that row, once the document has been extracted and sent via email. 


It is working as expected so far, I just can't seem to delete Row 2 at the end of my flow.  The document contains 8 columns, and the data within those columns will not be the same, other than the titles.


I took a look at the Delete a Row flow, however it's demanding the key value to delete, and that's where I'm not sure.  I would need to remove any content in that cell.


Any feedback is great appreciated.


Thank you, and have a great day.

Super User
Super User

Hi there, 


The Key Value / Key Column are looking for the unique data of that row, it will still delete the entire row for you. 

Is there a unique value you're holding (Title, Employee, Employee #, a generated ID?) that is unique to that row? It won't use the row # because that is not a constant.

I don't have a unique value in the row's that need to be deleted.  I suppose adding a new column and putting a unique value in each wouldn't work, since it would just delete all the rows right away.  I'll continue thinking about a way around it. Thank you for the feedback !

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