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Auto Modify between 2 lists

Hello, first of all this is the very first time I've used Lists or Power Automate, so I am a complete novice here.   I am attempting to have a Form push information to List#1 and then I can edit that list, and when certain conditions arise it will then create items in list#2.   If I update the information in list#1 I would like it to also update in list#2.  


I have successfully created a flow that pushes the information from my form to list#1

I have successfully created a flow that pushed information from list#1 to list#2 when the status is changed from new to In Progress or Completed. 

However flow 3 is where I'm getting hung up.  I created it to update any information in list#2 when it's changed in list#1, however sometimes it works and sometimes I get a run fail.  I've tried several things to overcome it and I'm not quite sure what to do next. 


Any help is greatly appreciated. 


Here is flow#2 Creating the new items for list#2


fyi list "trainers is list#1"  and "agents is list#2"






And here is flow#3 modifying the items in list#2 when they are changed in list#1




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@DerbyGal123 - Before updating Item in the list, you should query the item that you created earlier and then use that ID for update. It appears that you are using ID from the trigger which is from list 1 so when it does not match, it fails. You need some sort of identifier to match the record that you created earlier using GetItems and then update it. Best way is to create a column in the 2nd list and store ID of 1st list there during creation. Then in update query it using that ID and then update.


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Please Like and Mark this as Answer if it resolves your Issue.

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Thanks so much for your reply. 


I created a column "Question ID" for list #2(agent) which matches "title" for list #1(trainers). This is the unique number that is coming from the Microsoft form for the question submission.  So all 3 should match. 


I added in the "Get Items" but I'm still failing somewhere.  If I added a Filter Query it failed in the "Get Items" step, so I left that section blank. 


Here are is my current flow setup.  





Thank you for all of your help

@DerbyGal123 - I was referring to creating a reference between list 1 and list 2. Add ID of List 1 into List 2 while creating a new record in list 2. Then during update, read the record based on List 1 ID and then update. So Get Item should use ID from List 1.


Like and Mark this as Answer if it resolves your issue.

Please Like and Mark this as Answer if it resolves your Issue.

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