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Auto populate metadata columns from parent and subfolders name.

In my Company we regulary receive technical documentation from one of our suppliers. It's received in a folder structure, and the parent folder name contains "Machine name" and a "Serial number". Subfolders name contains information about content type within each subfolder.


For several reasons we want to store documents in the same folder structure as received.


What I want to achieve is to autotag all files when they are uploaded. I have one column for "machine name", one for "Serial number", and one for "content type".


Is it possible to build a flow that autotag all files in all subfolders with "Serial number" and "machine name" from parent folder name? And also autotag all files within each subfolder to a "content type" from the subfolder name?


I want it to trigger when documents are uploaded to Sharepoint.


I am a newbie, but if anyone could kick me in the right direction it would be nice 🙂

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Are you saying that you want columns populated with that data for each document or are you saying that you want a folder created with that information in the folder name?

Also, Have you looked at using SharePoint document sets?



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Hi Scott 🙂

Yes I want all files in folder/subfolders to populate columns from parent folder name.


Example :

Name of parent folder = Example - "Machine name" - "Serial number".


I want all files within this folder (including subfolders) to inherit the "machine name" in one column, and "Serial number" in another column.


In addition the folder includes subfolders, example :

Subfolder name = Electric

Subfolder name = Hydraulic


The name of the subfolder should populate files within these subfolders with content type (metadata column).


I have been looking into document sets, but I am not using it at the time. I am not sure if I would achieve what I want with document sets.


"Machine name" and "Serial number" is a variable in each parent folder.

I guess I would have to extract the folder string in some way, and use an expression to set it as a variable?


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@Viking83 Do you still need help with this? ;D

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I have this exact same issue and would greatly appreciate assistance.  Can this be achieved with power apps?

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