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Automated Email Flow

Hi guys. Sorry, new to Flows and could do with some pointers.

Essentially my team send a handover via Outlook that is edited twice daily to a group of people.

What would be the easiest way to incorporate this email into Sharepoint 365, available for editing through the day, where the latest version is then automatically sent at the predefined times to a group of people?

Think it should be straightforward but this is eluding me, can't seem to find a template out there that fits this process, thanks.
Super User
Super User

Hi @Cisco_Dave, one way to do this is to have a SharePoint list with just 1 item in it which is the handover information. You would edit it when you needed to, then your flow is as follows with an image further down:

  1.  the trigger is a recurrence schedule set to 1 day with the hours and minutes selected that you want it to run.
  2. You then add a SharePoint Get items action and select your site and the list.
  3. Add a Send an email action. It will automatically wrap itself in an Apply to each as it doesn't know that there is only 1 item to bring back from the list. Add in the email addresses and subject and then add in the fields from the dynamic content list which appears on tn the right when you click in the Body box. My example is very basic and I haven't styled the email; you could put it in a table for example with colored background, add other text, a logo etc.

Hopefully that's enough to get you going.

Los Gallardos
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Thanks for the response but seems a little complex. Just wanted to add one item into the list, whether it be an Outlook Message to edit or Word Document whose contents need inserting into the email and then send it out. This seems to need the whole handover creating from scratch with crop operations to move all the information into there? Thanks

Not complicated at all and I used that example because of that. But there are alternatives, for example using a "When a new email arrives" with a Subject filter of "handover" then upload the attachment to SharePoint. But you'd still need another flow with the recurrence to get the contents. Seems more fiddly to me but others might step in with different advice.

Los Gallardos

Yeah that's the opposite of what's required but appreciate the pointers 😉

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