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Automatic attachment handling in Teams

Hi, I'm looking for ways to replace what's currently a shared-mailbox-based workflow with something based on Teams.


The problem is that the shared mailbox works essentially by receiving automated emails with files from a third party service. Shared mailbox usage is cumbersome and leads to problems, but I can't change the source. Users handle those emails today but the end result is that inboxes and disk space overflows and many copies end up existing.


What I was looking was for a way to be able to receive those same emails with attachments in teams, but have them automatically handle these so on one side the attachments are saved to a folder (default behaviour is dumping everything together) and on another creating a task or ticket, so one of the members can then pick it up and work with it. Essentially:


1.-Have each email create a new "task" (or ticket, envelope, etc.), that can be handled by one person so it doesn't show up as pending for others once it's picked up.

2.-Have the email attachments saved into a folders for the email (according to email subject and timestamp, for example) rather than be dumped in the "email attachments" folder, to ensure separation and handling. Essentially, I want these emails to create separate threads to help segregate them from other, too similar emails.


Bonus: If further emails with the same subject (or replies to it) are received, to be grouped with the original one. This is a long shot, so I'm not getting my hopes up.


There might be a non-obvious way to handle a pipeline of this type and I'm just unaware of it. I welcome suggestions.


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