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BadRequest. The number of array items in variable 'Mandatory Read Acknowledgements' reached the limit: maximum '5000' and actual '5000'.

Hi, I have an issue where I'm using a for each loop to write to a variable but it fails with this error


BadRequest. The number of array items in variable 'Mandatory Read Acknowledgements' reached the limit: maximum '5000' and actual '5000'.


Odd thing is that it fails at item 270 of 502.


I'm not sure whether I can use some kind of loop or use multiple variables to ensure I can catch all the items.


The whole flow is basically to send email reminders to members of a group who have not acknowledged they have read a list of documents. So it has to scan all the acknowledgements to remove those who have read it from the email list. The acknowledgements list contains around 6000 items.


I'm a bit stumped, any help would be appreciated.



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It sounds like you are returning the entire list. I would look at filtering the list before you return the dataset. It will return less data and your flow will run much quicker. Is this list a sharepoint list? If so use an odata filter to filter out all of the people that have already acknowledged the documents and leave you with just the members of the group that have not. 

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Thanks @Paulie78 

Would I be able to feed more than 5000 items into the odata filter?

The odata filter is applied against your source, which is currently returning more than 5000 results. The idea of the filter is to reduce that down to just the results you need instead of bringing them back to Power Automate and filtering them in a loop. If by your question you mean, can the odata filter handle more than 5,000 items - yes, it can. But if your filter does not restrict your results back to less than 5,000 then you are going to have the same problem again.

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Thanks I'm not sure that work.


My process is:


Get list of mandatory documents 

Put them in a loop where they are applied to the group of users they've been assigned to

Gets the group members 

Applies to each group member the document that is assigned to them into another list)

Gt's all acknowledgements (users who have read documents)

Then applies to each of these (6000) rows into an array variable with 4 fields


And it's at this point that the error is occurring.


Can you suggest where your idea would go, or would I need to build it from scratch?

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Hi Team,


I am also facing the same issue. Is any option available to add limit of an Array variable. So that, I can use the action "Append to array variable". Any help would really appreciate.



Gaurav Suryawanshi.


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Did you fixed this issue??

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