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Helper II

Badgateway Error



I have an idea of why this error occurred but I need help understanding the message it left behind. I'm unsure of where the value came from that it's referencing in the error message. I've tried resubmitting the flow and even recreating the entire flow to see if it was a connection problem. The error occurs when I'm trying to create an item in a SharePoint Site list. I am unsure if it has something to do with the list, but I did create a flow to update this list without the excel file just to make sure I could update it (which I was able to do so). I even have it updating a different SharePoint List that I use as a test list which it also updates without a problem. 


I have attached pictures of the flow and the error message. 

The Error message is as following: 

"message": "Error converting value \"\" to type 'System.Int64'. Path '[0].Id', line 3, position 13.\r\nclientRequestId: d5a03dd2-6e98-4930-b491-b90285b88c51\r\nserviceRequestId: d5a03dd2-6e98-4930-b491-b90285b88c51"

Thanks for the help!


Overview of FlowOverview of FlowCreate Item that Causes BadGateway ErrorCreate Item that Causes BadGateway ErrorThe ErrorThe Error  



Dual Super User II
Dual Super User II

Hey @leanns 


In the create an item in sharepoint action (where the flow failed) I am guessing that there is a field where you are adding/ referencing a dynamic/ null value that is not being converted to the data type of the SP List column. I am guessing that is what is popping up this error. If you can confirm the data type of the SP list column and the data you are trying put there, I might be able to assist you better. 


Hope this Helps!


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Hi @yashag2255 ,


I've attached a photo of the column names and their types. In the excel file, all the columns of type general except for the date columns which are of date type. 


I am truthfully not sure which dynamic content it's trying to convert which is why I came here to see if someone could help determine the value. 




List settingsList settings

Dual Super User II
Dual Super User II

HI @leanns 


Can you share a screenshot of your flow, (of the sharepoint create action) barring any sensitive information? thanks

Hi @yashag2255 ,


Here is the screenshot of the create an item action. The values are from a compose statement so I can filter out the empty rows and not create blank items. 


The expression that I used to gather these values was: 

outputs('Compose')['Column Name']

Let me know if you have any other questions!


create item.PNG

Dual Super User II
Dual Super User II

Hey @leanns 


This is a long create item request and there are many many things that you will have to modify in the flow. 

Columns: Assigned To, Responsible Team Members, Created by and Modified by are of type person and you cannot simply pass a string in that. There is an action called as "Resolve a Person" in SharePoint Actions in flow and you will have to use this to recognise the person and update in the list accordingly. The field "Follow up required" is of type Yes/No and this takes a value of true/false and passing a string here will not help. Similarly for the choice fields and the other data types you will face issues updating those. 


Now coming to the real problem of the ID error: there is a compose action in your flow that is taking the ID and unable to convert that and that is causing this error. A detail analysis of the flow is needed to fix your issue and get the desired automation. 


Hope this Helps!

Hello @yashag2255 ,


So I have taken into account the Follow-up required? column in one of the compose statements above and I have tested the Assigned To column and that also works too since it's just one name. I have yet to try to accommodate the multple choice fields, do you have any suggestions there? 


As for the compose statement, I'm not doing anything to any of the values so that's why I'm confused on what value isn't being converted correctly. I've attached a screenshot of the outputs from the compose (there are 4 pictures of this to capture all items) and how the input of the compose action is obtained. I'm basically just taking a row from an excel table and putting it into a compose statement to make things easier to call for the create item action. If I'm doing something wrong here, please let me know, I'd appreciate it. 


Flow beginningFlow beginningOutputs of Compose 1Outputs of Compose 1Outputs of Compose 2Outputs of Compose 2Outputs of Compose 3Outputs of Compose 3Outputs of Compose 4Outputs of Compose 4

Super User III
Super User III

Hi @leanns ,


The error could be related to null value trying to update. Make sure the update values contains any null or blank values.




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Hi @abm 


Thank you for the suggestion. I will take a try with this and see what happens. 

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Hi @leanns,


Do you have solved your problem? I think your problem maybe occur on the converted string into a number.


How do you process your Due Date and Completion Date in the data operation? You can show us the screenshot of that part.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Lin Tu

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Hello @v-lin-msft ,


The Due Date and Completion Date are calculated the exact same way. I found this expression on the forums. 

The code is: 

if(empty(outputs('Compose')['Due Date']),null,addDays('1899-12-30',int(outputs('Compose')['Due Date']),'MM-dd-yyyy'))

Here is the screenshot of the compose actions: dates.PNG




Hello @abm ,


I tried your suggestion and it still gives me a bad gateway error. So I am still unsure what I am doing wrong within the code to cause this error. 

Regular Visitor

Hi there!

I had a Flow that worked well ,but now is showing me a BadGateway error with code 502, with the following message:

   "error": {
     "code": 502,
     "source": "",
     "clientRequestId": "3f7f3292-f184-48ed-a205-54c95bcf2c11",
     "message": "BadGateway",
     "innerError": {
       "status": 500,
       "message": "One or more errors occurred. \ r \ nclientRequestId: 3f7f3292-f184-48ed-a205-54c95bcf2c11 \ r \ nserviceRequestId: 3f7f3292-f184-48ed-a205-54c95bcf2c11"


This error is applied in a file copy flow, the flow is:






We also tested it with the Identifier, in value, but it doesn't work either.


I don't understand why this flow suddenly fails,
Can you help me?
Thank you

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