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Building Flow for overdue items and eMails sending

Hello All,


I have 2 SP Lists:


Frist one is about some projects and there are 3 important columns(related to this future Flow):

  1. Sub project: Drop down menu(users may choose from different projects)
  2. Author Last Name (look up column in the 2nd SP List with all of the people who may create project
  3. Due date.


On the other side, there is a 2nd SP list contains the following column.


  1. Fist Name
  2. Last Name
  3. E-mail address

‘Last Name’ from this list is connected to the 1st list.


The scenario:


I need to build a flow which is only focusing on one of those sub project.  Let’s just say it is a choose “MM” from a drop down menu(Sub Project) in the 1st SP list .

The Flow should look for all  Authors (people creating the entry in this list) in the 1st list and for each Author the workflow is looking for "overdue" documents. The Flow should send an eMail to this Author with all overdue documents. All of the item should be send in one single eMail to every single Author who is concerned.


As a trigger I use ‘Recurrence’(for example every day). Than I managed to get all items that are with status “overdue” with Filter Query in ‘Get Items’ action for 1st SP List:

The filter looks like this: Due_x0020_Date lt utcNow('MM-dd-yyyy') and Sub_x0020_Project eq 'MM"

Now I have all of the entries that are out of the schedule.

My main question is how to continue after that, I need to get the eMails of the Authors of the items in 1st SP List from the 2nd List?

Should store all of the IDs with status “overdue” by Authors and send an eMail with those IDs. I cannot send group eMail, every Author should receive an eMail only with the IDs that are related to him.


I really will be grateful, if You give me an advise how to create this Flow.


Have a great day all of You.







Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

Switch it around.

1. Get the authors from the 2nd list.
2. For each item in the authors list do:
3. Get items from list 1 where Author equals the authors surname and the item is overdue.
4. For each overdue item... build the html table
5. Compose the email and send

This will the look over all authors, get their overdue documents and send them an email.

- Mark

Dear Mark,


Thank you so much for the reply.

I'll try to do it and let you know what the result is. Maybe I'll have some additional questions also.


Kind Regards


Hello Mark,


Maybe I'm not so skillful and I didn't manage to handle the Flow...The main idea is not to send email for every overdue item, I need to collect all items by author and send them in one email to this author. But when I get into apply to each - that is not possible.


Kind Regards


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