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Helper I

Building Power Automate flow



I am beginner, and trying to build a flow in power automate to update the column in my SharePoint folder against the files (With extension) matching Names (Without extension) in an excel sheet in SharePoint folder with corresponding comments in the excel sheet.  


Here is the snapshot of my flow, i am getting error as Update file properties not accepting the ID.


My flow may be wrong, as I need to input dynamic ID which matches the file name and update corresponding comments.


Please help suggest to achieve the results...


My Excel looks like:




My Flow looks like:












Accepted Solutions

That looks right though it might just be a lot to process and you might have to break it out into batches. Is there any way to reduce the amount of files it needs to process? Maybe by the date the file was last modified? 

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Helper I
Helper I

Yes i think we can batch them based on the date file is created, i observed aprox 500 files created yearly and expecting it will increase going forward, also we can batch the data in excel in to different tables and use them.


could you please suggest what is the best way? and how we can use as batches in the loops to avoid timeout? Appreciate your help here...

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@creativeopinion thanks a lot for your help and appreciate your guidelines for beginners, i finally achived it and found that the main cause for "File with ID missing in the sharepoint folder" is due to many running flows from long time in my "Run History", which it seems causing missing file error.


Secondly as suggested by you I batch them update only current year files by using the filter query expression in Get file properties: 

Created ge '2023-01-01T00:00:00Z'


Below screen shot of the final flow, now it is running in just 25 seconds. thanks for the help.




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Super User
Super User

There are two ways to approach this:


If you are using a Filter Array on the Get files (properties only) action, I would recommend pulling that action outside of the Apply to Each loop. Otherwise you'll be unnecessarily running that action each time you loop through a row in your spreadsheet. 


Run the action once before the Apply to Each loop and filter the results.



To return the ID, you will need to use an expression.


Alternatively, you can remove the Filter Array action and use a Filter Query in the Get files (properties only) action. This option will only work if you have an exact match (eg. eq). 


For the file name, you need to use this Filter Query:

FileLeafRef eq '[Candidate].extension'



To return the ID number you will need to use an expression:



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Thanks for your kind information and appreciate your time here...


I tried both solutions suggested by you, 


Soln 1:

Getting error as ID is not int type as expected in "update file properties". The main issue i am struggling is i need to update Comments column in the sharepoint dir for matching name files: kindly refer below screenshots, kindly suggest...








Soln 2:


The expression you have mentioned i used as is, do i need to mention the exact extension as .pdf or .dpc? because, the sharepoint dir i am working with has .pdf, .doc .txt and .docx files.


I tried below approach, flow ran successfully but condition results false even though there are matching names, i suspect the expression " FileLeafRef eq '[Candidate].extension' " is not working as expected, please suggest.







Test Result:






Matching file in folder & Excel: here file extensions are different (PDF, DDOC, DOCX, eml and TXT)







Thanks for your help....










This part of your flow is incorrect, you need to insert an expression, what you have here is just a string of text. 



In the Compose action you need to click on the Expression tab. 



The output of the expression should be an ID number.


Yes i added as an expression this time, but still no luck...







Can you upload a screenshot of your Filter Array action? 


It doesn't seem to be returning any results. 

here is the filter array screen shot:




Here i highlighted expression of the compose as well




The Compose - File ID expression is not working in your instance because in my flow I was filtering out a single item from the Get Items action. However, you are using a Filter Array action.


Your flow has to be adjusted to account for that fact that you are returning multiple items instead of one. 


Before you can even tackle that you need to troubleshoot why your Filter Array action isn't returning any items. 


In order to troubleshoot. I would recommend adding a Compose action above the Filter Array action to store the Candidate value.


Remove the Compose - File ID action all together. You'll need to take a different approach anyway. 


The Filter Array action, is checking to see if the Name values from the the Get Files (properties only) action contains the Candidate value.


Run a test to see the Filter Array action is returning any results for any of your Excel rows. If not, the Filter Array action needs to be adjusted.

Ok after checking what i understood is when we select output (for filter array) from "List row present in a table" (Excel) for the apply to each loop, ID filter array will not return any thing, how ever if i nest this loop in another apply to each loop with "Get file (properties only)"(Sharepoint folder), then compose will get ID, but it wont work for comparing excel column when we select Candidate column to compare.


So i changed my approach, now my below approach is working fine, but the loop is getting timed out, may be i am adding too much nested loop, or might be a bad approach, could you please suggest??


New approach:

I am working on the Doc files first, docx next and then pdf, so i have 2 more same loops for docx and pdf.





Your approach above will be inefficient when you have a lot of files to loop through. By using an apply to each loop and a condition to check for the files that match each candidate name in your spreadsheet you are looping through all your files to check for files that match. 


Instead you need to use the Filter Array action to return the appropriate information to Filter out the files so that you can then update the filtered files properties. 


Can you please run these actions in your flow again?



I would also like you to add an additional compose action above the Filter Array action to hold the Candidate name. 


Upload a screenshot of the Compose Action Output and Filter Array action.

Here are the screen shots: now i found that the files are 


Failed (Candidate not matching sharepoint Name loop no 21):




Passed (Candidate matching Sharepoint Name loop no 20): this row successfully updated in share point.




Why is the candidate on loop 21 not matching? Are there any files that match? Is there an extra space in the excel cell that has the candidate name?

The excel has list of latest candidate names and the share point has all candidate's files from past few years, so many old file names may not match the excel candidate name, there is no extra space in the excel cell.


I just observed that filter array body is with all sharepoint files data when the loop is at no match candidate name, if it matches any candidate name, it will have only matching file properties data in the body, is this the right behavior?


Just want to uppdate you, it is updating all matching files with correct comments though, but it is throughing the error for non matching files.



Okay perfect. You just need to add a condition after the Filter Array action. Check for the length returned from the Filter Array action with an expression.

length([filter array output here])

If the length is equal to 0 (means no matching files returned), do nothing. 


Move the Compose ID and Update Files Properties actions to the NO branch.




Awesome yes this ran successfully....!! let me apply this to larger data to my actual folders and let you know the results...




After adding large data (823 X 10 rows/column table in excel, and 1300 files in share point), the flow is timed out at 10minutes as below... 


Should we process it in batches?




Have you tried turning on the concurrency control in the Apply to Each action?

Yes i turned on the concurrency control and set the degree of parallelism to 50, but still it is timing out at 9 or 10 min




What if you added a Select action to your flow after the List Rows Present in a table action. Use this to only select the values from your table that you need. For example, if you only need the candidate name it would look like this:



If you need a few other columns, then you can map a key to a column like this:


Hope this helps!

Then in the Apply to each action, you would loop through the Select action results instead of the Values from the List Rows present in a table action.



Hope this helps.

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