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Building a Flow - Help needed.



I am looking to build a flow for Sharepoint that will send me an update via email if no actions or updates have been posted to a file for 12 days.


Scenario; I work in a sales team and our pipeline is in Sharepoint. We are not allowed to let an individual opportunity go longer than 14 days without some form of update or action being posted to it.


Would the above be possible to create? Any assistance appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

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Advocate I



You'll want a Recurrence Flow as displayed in the image below.

Recurrence Flow.png


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Dual Super User

It depends on what you mean by actions.  You can definitely build a flow that runs daily to check all the files in a location to see if their last modified date is more than 14 days ago.  That will catch any file that hasn't been edited or had its metadata changed.  But if the actions don't actually edit the file or the file properties then its going to be tough to check that.

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Hi there.  This is absolutely possible, but I'd like to offer a different solution.  Rather than waiting until just before the due date to send a reminder, maybe consider adding it as a task in Outlook (if you're already working there) or To-Do when the record is added to Sharepoint.


Either of these will keep the tasks 'front-of-mind' as you work and will likely improve the chances of completing the task early.  It will also give you a broader (and quicker) insight into your overall workload.  Check this link for some good articles on activity management in Sales.


If you still want to go with your original idea, it would be good to understand what "actions or updates" might look like.  We could probably look at the last modified date, but that may not capture legitimate activity.


Keep us posted.



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Test opp.PNGThank you all for your feedback.


@edgonzales i will take a look at the link posted and potentially utilize ideas from there so thank you for that. However, if i was to remain with the original idea, the above is the layout we have. The section i would post updates in would be the "notes" box at the bottom. Other users can add a reply in this section too.



Thank you @Pstork1 . I have posted a reply below with a screenshot of our layout. The actions in question would be additions by myself or another user to the notes box. Hope this helps?

This looks more like the data is stored in CRM and surfaced in SharePoint.  If that's the case it won't be as simple as checking the modified date on the listitem.  So it all depends on where the information is stored.

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Thank you all for the contribution so far. I have implemented the Flow shared by @jonathanmweaver. Issue is arising on testing detailed below;


Flow test.PNG
The "Get past time" has been set to 12 days which is referenced in the error details. Any ideas?

Less efficient method is to remove the filter from the Get Items action and add a condition into the Apply to Each action. This is less efficient because it will pull in EVERY item in the list/library and filters through them in the Condition action. 


Consition: "Modified" less than "Get Past Time",

Yes = Send email

No = Don't send email

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Hi All. Still having some trouble with this.. However, i've just noticed our Sharepoint pipeline has a "last comment date" section (it was off-screen to the right hence why i missed it originally). Would this make the process easier at all? Flow.PNG

I would add the condition into your Get Items that is last comment date lt Output.


Last Column Date should be a Dynamic Content item from Get Item action, and Output should be the Dynamic Content from Get Past Date action.

Keep in mind that you need the actual column name for the Last Comment Date, so if it is not available in the Dynamic Content, you can locate the column name by clicking List Settings, click on the Last Comment Date column, and locate the column name at the end of the URL. This needs to match exactly.



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