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Business process flow spanning multiple entities

I have created a business process flow spanning multiple tables that has various relationships. All the tables are custom made tables created in a solution together with the business process flow.


Entity 1 is the main table for the business process flow.

Entity 2 has a 1:N relationship with Entity 1

Entity 3 has a N:1 relationship with Entity 1


In the first stage of the business process flow, it utilizes a lookup to have the user chose a record in Entity 2 to work with. This is working without any issues.


In the second stage, I want the user to be able to create multiple entries of Entity 3 (Entity 1 has a 1:N relationship with Entity 3). However, I dont know if this is supported - or if this relationship will even show up at all.


When I have searched for information about this issue, I have found posts referencing a relationship settting in the properties tab of a given stage. This does not show up for me in either of the mentioned relationships.


Any ideas about where I can find more detailed information or a video about mutliple table business process flows, or about limitations? I have read through the docs:

But I can't see any reason I should not be able to do this when looking at the docs, or what I am missing in order to get it working.

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Hi! I was about to create a new post because I have the exact same scenario, did you find a way to solve your case?

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To add more information about my scenario: 

In my case I can see the relationship tab when I click the Entity 2 (relationship between the Entity 1 and Entity 2), but when I select Entity 2 I dont have the tab anymore. 

In my scenario the relationships are 

Entity 2 1:N Entity1

Entity 3 1:N Entity1 

Hello, @Diotmac 


Unfortunately, I have not been able to solve this issue. Information I have pieced together from around various forums indicates that the relationship of the business process flow main entity (in my case, entity 1), must be N:1 to the related entity (a lookup field) in order for it to work across entities.


However, I do not understand this limitation and why it exists, so I am unable to explain it further. My guess is that business process flows currently only supports simple business processes, logic and use cases.


More advanced use cases, such as being able to add several rows to a related entity as part of the business process flow logic, does not seem to be strongly supported yet. Unfortunately, the documentation is also poor - leaving trial and error as the only option.


I have found a workaround using instant flows triggered from the business process flow to add rows to the related entities. This is works for our purposes in the short term.


If I were starting this project knowing what I know now, I'd create the business process flow logic - and build a PowerApp on top to make the user experience more fluid as demonstrated here:

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