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CDS Trigger Record Update - Update of Calculated boolean field

Hi All,

I have a table that is being updated by a Dataflow project from a SQL database. Every 5 minutes the data is updated to CDS and almost all fields will be updated since they have countdown timers for service tickets.

I made additional fields in CDS as booleans and calculated based on the data from other fields.

Calculated Boolean Field.JPG

My flow is using the CDS trigger When a record is updated and set to filter to only monitor the specific calculated boolean field I created.

Flow Change.png

The boolean fields update as expected as data changes in the table, however flow is not triggering, I have zero runs.

Does the flow CDS connecter see the calculated CDS fields as a change?


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @RamonMA,


I have tested on my side, the trigger could be fired when the Data in the entity update:Annotation 2019-09-25 143848.pngAnnotation 2019-09-25 143828.png



How do you update the data in the entity? After you update the data in the excel file, did you click the push button?Annotation 2019-09-25 144200.png

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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Hi Ramon


Have you tried changing the boolean in another way? Manually or via a workflow? Or could you create a new boolean field for testing and setting that manually and seeing if the Flow runs? That would help rule out issues with the Flow connecting to your environment and the running itself.


I think the answer might be that this is a caclulated fields. In D365CE, Calculated fields cannot trigger workflows or plugins, so i think it might be true for Microsoft Flow as well. Here's a link to the documentation on calculated fields and you can see that the limitations of them at the bottom of the document:


Hope this helps.


The row is updated when the Dataflow (Data integration Project) refreshes. I filter to only look at the specific field I want to monitor, since most of the other fields will change since they have countdowns for SLAs, but doesn't mean I want my flow to run based on that. The field I'm monitoring is calculated and toggles true/false if one of the SLA statuses is getting close to breaching.

So I cannot change the calculated fields directly, I have to change the data in the other fields to make it change to true/false.

I think @MCJ is correct, I don't think calculated fields are able to be triggers. I'm going to try a work around by making the calculated field in the data integration project or from the SQL Query directly. I will report back.

So I solve one problem to have another one.

I put the logic directly in the power query during the data integration, so the boolean fields could be triggerable. However anytime the data is refreshed it, even if the boolean field doesn't actually change (example, if the field is false and the next refresh it is still false) even with the filter in flow, flow will trigger off ALL records in the table, instead of just the ones that changed from false to true or true to false. Yes, could just have logic in the flow to have actions based on true or false, but that won't be efficient as this refresh will happen every 10 mins or so and will have about 200 records in the table. I'll blow through our monthly cap pretty quickly.

I'm wondering if data integration projects are just not able to handle this kind of stuff and having limitations with CDS.

Hopefully I'm just missing something simple.

Hi @RamonMA 


I don't think you are missing anything i'm afriad. I suspect what you are doing with your data integration is still updating the record and the field. If you look in the audit logs for the record and see if the field has a before and after value of False, that would mean it's being updated by your dataflow, so the Flow is triggering correctly as it's detecting a change of the field as it has a new value (even if it's the same as before)


Can you not update your integration to only change the field if it needs to be changed to True? The Flow will then detect the field change and trigger as expected.




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