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CDS when a record is selected with input values returns Expected Number but got Null

Hi there,


I have created a flow that is being used to duplicate quote lines for multiple years (limit to 20years), as you can see in the first screenshot.

The main issue however is the first step. When I have selected a quote line and execute the flow I can perfectly select the years but when I click the button I get the following error:

Server/Client Correlation ID: 746abd83-3cac-493e-8962-a2aff7bdd2bc
x-ms-client-request-id (Client->Backend Request Header): 03541678-3a6a-404b-a29d-12e2-78c4ea95
Error: The input body for trigger 'manual' of type 'Request' did not match its schema definition. Error details: 'Invalid type. Expected Number but got Null.,Invalid type. Expected Number but got Null.,Invalid type. Expected Number but got Null.,Invalid type. Expected Number but got Null.,Invalid type. Expected Number but got Null.,Invalid type. Expected Number but got Null.,Invalid type. Expected Number but got Null.'.
The main problem is that I have no clue why this issue is occurring since I have a similar flow which works perfectly and has no real differences except the name of the entity.
Any ideas why this issue may occur?
Thanks in advance!
EDIT #1:
So I have yet another flow using the "when a record is selected" trigger that has this issue.
Although I have been able to fix the previous one somehow by removing the trigger and rebuilding it.
I have done the same thing with this flow but no success I even renamed the trigger but then it said that it didn't find the trigger with the previous name, so I had to change it back.
But anyway removing and rebuilding it doesn't work, so I have no idea how I could resolve this issue.
Since it doesn't say where the issue is occurring nor what could be done to resolve it.
I hope someone knows how this issue could be resolved or even why this is issue is occurring!
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Billy_C ,


Could you expand the trigger card in your Flow so I can see which Inputs you've add to your Flow so I can attempt to repro this on my end?

Additionally can you show me the steps on your CDS environment on how you are triggering the flow and what inputs are you inserting there?


Based on the error message it appeared that you were inserting no values as input in your Flow, as it was returning you a NULL value expression, while expecting a number to be inserted. So far I've not been able to repro this behavior, so this info could be useful to understand what is going on.




Hi @rimatos


Of course no problem, I will add the screenshots below of both the solved trigger as the one I'm having issues with at the moment.

The weirdest part is that it expects a number to be sent while I'm only entering booleans in the solved trigger and a string in the other one.


Solved trigger (still looks the same):  (part 1)  (part 2)


Steps to use this flow:

1. Select the flow 


2. Select the years for which you want to copy the quote: 

Then run the flow and the error occurs.


The trigger that has the issue at the moment: 


Steps to use this flow:

1. Select the flow 


2. fill in the new code for the quote: 


3. then run the flow and you get the error: 


I hope that this is the information you requested.




Billy Cottrell


PS: sorry I had to place the images as URLs it didn't want to send them otherwise

So If I understood correctly this fails right in the new Trigger correct?

The only thing that could potentially be throwing the error could be the usage of the "-" special character in the Text you provide. Have you tried to enter another different value in there (e.g. "abcd") to see if it throws the error?


Additionally, I see that you are using the Default environment in your Flow trigger, while you are executing this Flow in the environment development86 which does not appear to be the default environment. If you can confirm this I would change the environment in the trigger to the one you are currently running the Flow on.






Hi @rimatos,

Yes it fails immediately after inputting the values in the trigger, but only using "abcd" in the text still gives the error.
Correct, I am not using the default environment but a sandbox environment, but in this trigger I can only use default as the environment. Even typing the environment manually does not work even the flow cannot be selected from the menu in the CRM.
I am also using this trigger since there is no such trigger for the CDS (current environment) connection.

So I have deleted the trigger and recreated it, but I got an error saying that it cannot find the trigger with the name "When a Quote is selected". Even though I deleted the trigger, recreated it and refreshed the CRM 4 times it still was looking for that name.

Eventually I just removed the complete flow and rebuilt it from scratch under a different name without renaming anything except for the input value of the trigger.


So now this flow works normally even though there were no game breaking changes or anything, I hope this information helps for future related issues.


Thanks for all the help!

Billy Cottrell

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