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Calendar Invite Flow


I am fairly new to Sharepoint and Flow but a user came to me today witha request. Here are the basics of what we're trying to accomplish. 


One Main Sharepoint Calendar with training events. 

Specific Managers edit the event to add users to a list item called "Atendees" for the event. (This pulls from all our users)

When a user is added by their manager an email is genetated with and Accept/Reject Calendar invite to that user

If the user accepts the event is added to their own Outlook Calendar and their name remains in the Event List.

Response email is generated to manager of the users accept/reject response


Has anyone ever done this or something like it before? 



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ adodd25,


If you would like to add an event in the user’s Outlook Calendar, you could create an Outlook event and add the user as attendees of the event, the user would see the event invite in their Outlook and they could choose to Accept ,Tentative or Decline.

So if you want to achieve your needs, you need to create the event in the Outlook Calendar rather than only create the event in the sharepoint Calendar.

I have made a test on my side and I would offer you a workaround to achieve your needs.


I have create a sharepoint list with a column "Atendees",The “Atendees” column is a Person or Groups type column.



I have create an event in the Outlook Calendar with subject “training event20180320”.


You could create the flow as below:



When an item is created the sharepoint list “Atendees”, the flow would send an email to the user with options “Accept” and “Reject”, whether the user approve or reject,the manager would receive an email with the user’s response.

if the user choose “Accept” in the email, the flow would update the event which’s subject is equal to “training event20180320” in the Outlook Calendar to add the user as a Atendee to the event, and this action would send the event to the user’s Outlook Calendar, and the user could Accept ,Tentative or Decline it.


The flow would run successfully as below:





Alice Zhang

@v-yuazh-msft This works nicely but everytime a new email is added in the event all the existing participants get an email invite again. Is there a way to send only the invite to the new email. Thanks! 

@v-yuazh-msft Alice, are there any plans for making this possible with only a SharePoint calendar? Your solution assumes a separate Outlook calendar (presumably someone's personal calendar or sub-calendar shared with everyone, or a public Teams/Groups calendar) which seems to me to be asking for trouble. Alternately, is there any way to create and send an .ics file like the SharePoint modern pages Events webpart creates automatically?

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