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Can Flow update Sharepoint Lists' LookUp Columns ?

Hi everybody!

When designing a Sharepoint List, I added a Column as Lookup


Then I selected this list in "Sharepoint Online-Update Item" action block, but Flow does not offer me option to modify the content of the Lookup-type Column.

The same limitation applies when I tried "Sharepoint Online-Create Item"


Is this design intent, or a bug?

Thank you in advance!



This is a known issue that we're working to address which occurs if you edit a Flow that uses a Choice field. To workaround the issue, please delete and recreate the Update item or Create item action in your Flow. 


Apologies for the inconvenience. 



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unfortunately, this doen't work for me. I recreated the complete flow-process. 

I want to add the answers from Forms into a sharepoint lists; if i add only value in default text fields - all works.

If I want to add Value to a Choice-Field -> Error: A value must be provided for item. clientRequestId


Choice fields are configured, that own values are allowed...




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Hi Merwan,


Supposedly, "People" can be used as dyanmic outputs in other actions.


I have a list with a person column, which the user fills in.

When the item is created, Flow should pick up the person field, and send an email to the person specified in the field.


However, when I make the flow:

When an item is created or modified in the list

Send an email

and look for dynamic content for the To field, there is no dynamic content. I can't pick up the Person from the list


Is this expected behaviour?

Hi @Anonymous, People fields are indeed supported as dynamic outputs in other actions. For example, I have a Person field called "Backup Engineer" in my list. In Flow, the Backup Engineer field is shown along with properties like DisplayName, Department, JobTitle, and most importantly Email.


To help troubleshoot, can you please send us screenshots of your list schema (similar to the second screenshot below) and your Flow definition (like the first screenshot) at Microsoft Flow Developers <>? 






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Hi Merwan!


Sorry I wasn't able to find and remove my comment after I had posted it. Turns out I had a problem with my connections which resulted in gateway issues so I couldn't find any dynamic content. It's working beautifully! 🙂

Hi @posterme, can you send us a screenshot of your list schema and your flow at Microsoft Flow Developers <>? I wasn't able to repro the below. Thanks!

Hi @posterme, can you send us a screenshot of your list schema and your flow at Microsoft Flow Developers <>? I wasn't able to repro the below. Thanks!

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Hi merwan - done. Thanks in advance.

Hi @merwan ,

That known issue is still happening, isn't it?

It is at least to me now (March 2018).

Hi @bloodoff, unfortunately the issue still repros. A previous fix introduced a regression and was subsquently rolled back. We are working on a new fix that will address this issue in the coming weeks. 

Is this still the case?

Are we able to read Lookup columns in SharePoint library inside MS Flow?

We are specifically looking to read Approval Status column which is added to Library after applying Versioning settings



@SantoshR Lookup columns in general - yes we can read and write those.

Approval Status - not yet, as far as I know, but I think I saw it would be available soon 🙂

@KeremY - to comment on the visibility of the Approval Status column. The issue should no longer be happening. 

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Is it Possible to Update SharePoint List LookUp Column using Flow, where the LookUp Value is coming from a Microsoft Form?


If I understood you correctly, then yes, it is possible. If I got it wrong, please let me know.

1) Aux list with colors


2) Main list with a LookUp column that gets them from Aux list.


3) MS Forms form with 3 color choices


4) Flow you need to create


5) Result


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Frequent Visitor

Thank you very much for the assistance! It did work. The only caveat was that the list that I used twas created by the "Import" app using the .xls/.xlsx , whiche does not seem to create a distinguished 'Title' Column. So I was able to create the list again and 'import from CSV' App which did exactly what was needed. Thanks again!

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Hello! Sysadmin from the far future here, wondering if this functionality was ever added.


I'm looking to update a people lookup column with data from a flow. Ideally I would update that column directly from powershell, but that functionality doesn't seem to exist in a reasonable form, so I'm using powershell to make a list item which triggers a flow to make another list item. Thanks 🙂



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Advocate II

Is this still an issue? Seems like this is an old thread but I am still getting a error when trying to update a lookup column.


"The 'inputs.parameters' of workflow operation 'Update_file_properties_2' of type 'OpenApiConnection' is not valid. Error details: The API operation does not allow writing a value for parameter 'item/Subject[0]/Value'. This parameter is read only."

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