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Kudo Kingpin

Can Flow update Sharepoint Lists' LookUp Columns ?

Hi everybody!

When designing a Sharepoint List, I added a Column as Lookup


Then I selected this list in "Sharepoint Online-Update Item" action block, but Flow does not offer me option to modify the content of the Lookup-type Column.

The same limitation applies when I tried "Sharepoint Online-Create Item"


Is this design intent, or a bug?

Thank you in advance!



Sorry - I can't answer your question but I believe I am trying to find the same answer.


I would like a final approval date to be posted back to the list item to populate a "Final Approval Date" field which would show the date value when the list item was opened again for review. 


Can Flow modify fields within a SP list item?

Power Automate
Power Automate

Flows can indeed be used to both create and modify SharePoint list items, however currently Lookup, People, and Choice columns cannot be written to. Today we only support reading from them, so they can be used as dyanmic outputs in other actions. This is a known limitation that we will be addressing soon. 

Great - thank you!

Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

How soon ? 🙂 @merwan

To add - currently unable to read Sharepoint lookup list if source for values in another site 😞

 "status": 400, "message": "The field 'OfficeLookup' is not supported in query. The lookup list is in another web.",

Frequent Visitor

How is it possible to modify a list item using Flow.  I don't see this as an option anywhere?  I'm trying to create a daily recurring Flow that modifies column data back to "0" at a specific time each day.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for @Stroos, but you have to select Schedule/recurrence in your first step. Then if you type in SharePoint in the next action you should see options like Uptade item...


Frequent Visitor

Yes that's exactly what I'm looking for however when I click on the SharePoint icon it flickers for a moment and shows me this:

 Snip 1.JPG


But then ultimately resolves to only these options.



Snip 2.JPG


I'm starting from no template and doing a recurrence like in your screenshot.


Frequent Visitor

Disregard.  I figured it out.  Instead of clicking on SharePoint I have to type it out in the search and it shows me more options.  I thought they did the same thing.

Snip 1.JPG


Snip 2.JPG

@merwan I have been trying to get lists to update records based on updates in other lists but although I cann get flow to create records I cannot get them to update when the corresponding record in the original list is updated. Is this possible?

Hi Merwan,


Do you plan to support these types of columns in the near future?


What about calculated columns, too? 



We will indeed be supporting lookup columns in the near future.Sorry no precise ETA yet, but this is in progress. As for calculated columns, they should be available as read-only dynamic outputs. Since they are calculated on the server side based on access to an item, we wouldn't expose them directly in a Flow. 

This post was created almost 1 year ago, so I gotta ask: we still cant use flows on Lists that has Lookup Fields on it?

Im not trying to EDIT those collums, i just wanna READ OTHER COLUMNS on this List and I'm getting this:


"status": 400, "message": "The field 'XXXXX' is not supported in query. The lookup list is in another web."

Not applicable

Still not available?


We have a process that requires this functionality. We are trying to switch away from Nintex, but with basic functionality like this still not available, I don't think we will be able to.

Hey all, 



Support for people, choice, and lookup columns is in internal builds and will be released to production within the coming weeks! We realize this has been a long time coming, but we're very close 🙂


Thanks for your patience.  



Looking forward to the release.

Will this support extend to multi-language taxonomy fields?



The first wave will include choice, lookup, and people with taxonomy coming a little later. 

Given the fact we can now easly create child/parent site lookup fields using a webId in the xml definition, Will the lookup columns handle/respect these parent web (cross site) lookups?




Frequent Visitor

Is this working yet?  I have tried to do this and it gives the error below:


I have tried setting an ID manually just to see if it works.  I also changed the lookup to relate by ID, no dice.  I also tried just selecting a value from the drop down in FLOW and still the same error...


{ "status": 400, "message": "A value must be provided for item.\r\nclientRequestId: d8891172-bb6f-4228-a782-f64831029430", "source": "" }

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