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Can any one help with: When a list item is deleted, delete a list item on another list?

I have two flows. The first flow generates a 'Unique ID' when a new list item is created in a master list on a Team Site. The second flow then clones that list item to three other lists on Communications sites on our Intranet, when either an item on the master list is created or updated. It uses the Unique ID to match the list items up (as the default ID will not match across the lists). The end result is four lists that are identical (including matching Unique IDs) but controlled from the Master list. 


I am now trying to do a third flow which handles items that are deleted from the Master list. I think I understand the logic of it, but don't understand the syntax or operations I need to use the get it to happen. Here is my logic (in this example I will just use the master list and 1 other clone list:


When an item is deleted in the master list




Get items from the Master list




Get items from the Clone list 1




For each item, compare the Unique ID on the Clone list 1 with the Unique ID on the Master list




If there is no match  (carry on to next step)         //         If there is a match do nothing (stop)




Delete item from Clone list 1



For example if both lists start with three list items and their Unique IDs are 1001, 1002 and 1003, the flow will go through each list item on the Clone list and try to match it to a list item on the Master list. If say list item 1002 is deleted on the master list, it would fail to find a match, and so delete that item from the Clone list as well. Any list items it finds on both it would leave alone. 


The first three steps are easy (when an item is deleted, 2 x get items). After that I am stuck. Everything I have tried either does nothing or deletes everything on the clone list(s). The 'name' of the Unique ID column is 'UniqueID0'.


Any help most welcome. 



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