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Advocate I
Advocate I

Can't delete a Calendar item I created in a Flow - either manually or with another Flow

I used a simple Flow to create a bunch of Calendar items, ie event name, dates, etc.

(Calendar wasn't listed as an available list on my site, but writing 'Calendar' as a custom value seemed to do the job)


I find now that I can't delete those entries - either manually or with another Flow.

I can manually edit them (through a site Calendar page) and they save ok.

But I can't delete them.


When I try on-screen I get:



Cannot complete this action. Please try again. (a999a999f-599a-2999-9a9af-299aa3b7aa9a)



When I try with Flow I get a 400 error message



status	400
message	"Cannot complete this action.\n\nPlease try again.\r\nclientRequestId: 09aaaa992c-7999-4a999-ba099d-f599a99a9a9a999ac\r\nserviceRequestId: 99aaa2c-7999-4e55-b98d-f5299a9aa999a99c"



And the event entry is still there (ie it's not gone).


Any ideas please?




Super User II
Super User II

Error of 400 means there is a malformed URI of some sort. When you created the calendar entries, were they on a shared or team calendar? Are you trying to delete them with an account that has full read/write/delete access to the calendar?

If you could provide an expanded screenshot of your Flow and steps, your Flow run history, and of any detailed error messages you're receiving we could likely better assist you. Also, for the best results, you may want to review How to write a good forum post.

If this reply answers your question or solves your issue, please ACCEPT AS SOLUTION ☑️. If you find this reply helpful, please consider giving it a LIKE. Want to know more? Follow @BradGroux on Twitter, and check out my Medium blog at

Advocate I
Advocate I

Solved it - not sure what exactly was causing it but will describe what I did in case it helps someone one day.

I created a new simple Flow that updated the calendar items (changing the dates and subject text) and also it overwrote the 'event type' field.  I don't really know what event type is but it's a numeric and many of mine were set to '4' - I changed them all to '2'. That ran ok. So then I ran a Flow that deleted them all [which failed before] - and it worked.

So maybe it was the event type. Maybe it was the act of updating them. Maybe it was just waiting 24-hours. But my issue is solved.


@Brad_Grouxthanks so much for your willingness to help. And for tip on posting.




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