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Can you use nested Repeating Content Controls with the Populate a Microsoft Word template action?

Basically what I am trying to accomplish is to have a table which has a section for each Division and within that section have subsections for each Company within that Division. This is as close as I have gotten (with DivisionTable and CompanyTable both being repeating content controls):


After populating the template from a workflow the Divisions are working fine (its repeating three times w/ the correct info) but in the Company Table it just shows [obj] where it should be the Company Name. It also looks like there may be two new unnamed tags placed here after its generated but I'm not sure.


In the Populate a Word Template action inside the DivsionTable tag I am putting an array:


This is what the first object in the array looks like:

   "CompanyTable": [
         "CompanyName": "Company Name Goes Here"
   "DivisionDesc": "Finishes",
   "DivisionNo": "09"

Is what I am trying to do even possible? I looked at some other posts but I never saw a clear answer.


If it is possible then what exactly am I doing wrong? If it is not possible do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this another way?

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Does someone know if this is possible?

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