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Change the CREATED BY field in a sharepoint list on newitem

What I'm really needing to do is have a sharepoint list with dynamic permissions, seeing as how the only item level permissions in sharepoint lists that exists are based around the "created by" being only able to view items that person created, what I'd like it to have is LIST B update list A and have the "created by" field be the MANAGER of the user who created the new item in list B, but I don't know of any way to do this..


Is there a way to do this that I'm not thinking of? It gives me tremendous flexibility if I can do this from sharepoint, otherwise there's no way to have all the list items in the same place but have permissions just to those that need them, this would save me easily 10+ hours in work if it were do-able.

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Re: Change the CREATED BY field in a sharepoint list on newitem



The scenario is that items on List B are created by employees; and Flow shall copy them into List A assigning the Manager on Created By field, right?

If the Flow runs with the Manager credentials, I guess this can be achieved. So, the Flow triggers "When a new item is added" on List B; then check the Employee (Created By field from new Item on list B).

There is an action called ‘Office 365 Users – Get manager’ that allows you to obtain Employee's Manager Id.


There is another action called 'Office 365 Users – Get My Profile'- I haven't tested myself, but I guess it will provide Flow Owners id.


If so, you just need to compare Flow Owner and Employee's Manager, if match, then copy item from list B to lista A. THis way the new item on list A will be created bt Employee's manager.


Please note if the scenario covers more than one manager, it means N instances of the flow shall be created, one per manager. So this can have a significant performance impact. FRom the functional point of view, N flows will be executed, but only one will pass the condition


Hope this helps

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