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Kudo Kingpin

Changes on Sharepoint Online trigger output implementation?

Last week I had a flow up and running, trigger block was "Sharepoint Online: When a new item was created".

Sharepoint list structure included a Lookup column, also a Choice column.

Since Filter Queries on that trigger seemed not to work at all, I added a Condition block, evaluating the value of the Choice column:

@or(equals(triggerBody()['EntregaMuestra'], 'Mano'), equals(triggerBody()['EntregaMuestra'], 'Mensajero'))


I have tested it today and the condition fails. After checking the visual logs, it looks the way Microsoft Flow handles Choice data type columns on sharepoint lists have changed.




Also notices that last week one of the trigger's outputs was the item ID of the value selected for the Lookup column. This ID allowed me to invoke "Sharepoint Online: get Item"  and get associated values on the second Sharepoint List; but now, this ID output is no longer available.


1.- I can adapt easily my flow to the first change described above, however I do not see how I can adapt my flow to the second change described. Any suggestions?

2.-Do you publish "Release Notes" whenever you apply such kind of changes on Microsoft Flow implementation? If answer is yes, where can I find them?



Power Apps
Power Apps

Thank you for reporting this! @merwan, any idea if Sharepoint changed the way their schemas work recently?


I'm also failing to see a workaround for the second issue. It looks like their perhaps there was some type checking locked down in the description in the Sharepoint api. 


We publish release notes for Flow itself every week or two, but there is not really any good point of reference for changes to the individual services that integrate with Flow. 


Thanks for taking the time to answer. 

Getting as an Output the ID of Lookup Columns was a really useful functionality, since it helped to override some Sharepoint limitations.


Let's assume you have a Sharepoint List (ListA) with choice /lookup type columns. Then you implement a new Sharepoint List (ListB) with Lookup Column referring to ListB. On ListB you can "lookup" List-A text-type columns, but you cannot lookup ListA choice/lookup type columns.

Whit Microsoft flow trigger implementation available last week, this limitation was solved. You could get all the column values of a new added item to ListB, and since this list had a lookup column referring to List A; you got also the ID of the referred item on ListA.

With Microsoft flow trigger implementation available yesterday, this cannot be done anymore.


You guys are building a really interesting product; I hope you finally keep this second feature as it was working last week!

Did you ever get this resolved? 


I'm trying to do a simple flow such that when an item is created in List A, which has a lookup column from List B, the related item in List B needs to be updated. However in the Flow I can't get the ID/value for the lookup column from List A. 


My trigger is 'New item Created'

My next step is 'Get Item' using the ID from the new item created in the first step

From here I don't know how to actually retrieve the ID/Value from the lookup column that should have come from Step 2


My final step would have been to update List B which I assumed would be the Flow SharePoint Update Item action but it requires the ID of the item to update but the dynamic content fields don't show any other fields apart from ID from the Get Item action. 

@Jacques I'm afraid I didn't get any feedback on this topic, I used to try it everynow and then with no result.

This is one of the handicaps of this marvellous tool, if you work with "official" templates everything goes fine, but as soon as you start exploring more complex combinations, tiny limitations arise, and time spent finding workarounds increases exponentially.

@efialtes Thanks. I have to agree with your assertion regarding time spent finding workarounds.

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