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Advocate II
Advocate II

Changing an action's value in a running Flow from another Flow

I have a Flow that allows the approval and decommissioning of list items to be scheduled. There exists a column for "published from" and "published until". In the Flow I use the Delay action to delay each before I use the "Set content approval status" action to publish or decommission a list item.


Now, let's assume a date is set for "published from" and "published until". That works just fine. What it does though is keep the Flow in a running state until first, the "published from" and secondly the "published until" date is reached. So far so good, no problem.


Unless, another edit is made to the list item while the initial Flow has been running.

If that happens, for example if the "published until" date had to be amended, e.g. set for a date further in the future as the initial one, a new Flow instance for that list item is created.


What now happens is that due to the fact that the initial Flow is kept running, the list item will still be decommissioned as soon as its "published until" date is met and not on the actual date from the most recent list item edit.


So I thought, if there were an action to cancel a Flow from another Flow I would have a solution. Unfortunately, this is still not the case as far as I'm aware of. Next, I thought if there were the possibility to change the value of the Delay action in the initial Flow from the second Flow instance that contains the desired "published until" date, that could also work. But I have not found a way to do this.


The actual Flow contains way to many actions to be able to post it here so I tried to describe it as best as I can.


Does anybody have an idea how to solve that problem or approach it with a different logic?


Thanks for your help.


Advocate II
Advocate II

Is anyone aware if such a thing could be achieved with Logic Apps?

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