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Helper II
Helper II

Check if an outlook email has been replied

Hi All,


I am trying to figure out one requirement. I want to check if an email has been replied to or not. 
UseCase: One of our clients flag their emails to which response is required from the receiver. If the receiver of the email has not replied to the flagged email after 2-3 days then power automate should automatically send an email stating to reply to that email.


I cannot find a way to check if an email has been replied or not. How can i do that? 

if there is a way to do it through graph api and creating custom connector do tell me, and provide some useful links for it.


Thank you

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @Jayant_2203 ,


There's a roundabout way of doing it I guess.  Others may suggest a better way.


1) Create a rule that moves your flagged email to a folder

2) Create a scheduled flow that will go through each of the emails in the folder using Get Emails.  It will then execute another Get Emails in your Sent items and try to match via the subject etc.   


The flow will have a lot of loops especially if you have many emails.  You can substitute the Get Emails with Graph API calls for better performance.  


There's an idea here if you want to upvote.


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Helper II
Helper II

@eric-cheng what i am trying to achieve is to check if that particular email that is flagged, whether a reply has come to that email or not. 
I do not want to check my sent items, i want to check if that particular email has been replied to by the receiver of the email.

any way to do this?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Have a look at this:

Contact me if you are interested in custom Power Automate development.

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