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Combining multiple Form checkboxes in to a single email



I'm trying to create a flow for an employee offboarding form that has several checkboxes for things the HR generalist needs to have terminated or collect. Some of these items are unrelated (i.e., say the removal from the travel system, and the collection of a physical key), but need to go to the same person for action (admin assistant). 


I've got it quasi-working in the fact that it sends the email correctly, but it sends multiple emails rather than one summary. What is the proper method to collect ALL the outputs in a OR condition under an "apply to each" flow so that they can be sent in a single email rather than separate emails?

I'm sure I'm missing something really simple and that the problem exists between my seat and the computer.



Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi there, 


I'm missing what tool you're using to collect the checkmarks - so I will show you for Microsoft Forms and SharePoint lists.

For a Microsoft Form multi-select, you can get all the values using this expression in a Compose, and then use the output of the Compose in your email.

Other tools, like SharePoint, will bring it back as an Array. For that, you have two options:

1) you can initialize a string variable at the top of your flow, and then use an "append to string" action and it will loop through and add each value, if you point it at "Column Value" (not just "Column"). 

or, if Apply To Each makes you queasy, you can:

2) use a "Select" action and map the Column Value, then just use a "Join". (As explained here: ) 

Thanks for this, it is indeed Microsoft Forms that I'm using. I"m not sure if my picture came through, I'm currently initializing a variable to grab the outputs from the direct json element of the form for the checkboxes which goes into a compose which quasi gets me there, so I think I'm missing where/how to apply your compose example to break out the individual namable elements. 


Right now, what I have does the job, it just sends 2 emails (one for each loop) rather than one.  I'm kind of like a caveman who just discovered fire when it comes to Power Automate, so please excuse the newness on my part.


Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Your screenshot did not come through, and thank you for letting me know you're new! Helps me know how to explain stuff. 

If you can pass a screenshot through (you can screenshot & paste directly into the comment box, it might take a sec to load - you gotta wait till the picture shows up) we should be able to spot the issue and give you some good guidance.

The further you climb up the proverbial corporate ladder, the more fatigued your skills become apparently. I'm slipping on the basic stuff like posting a screenshot. Yikes!


Here's where I'm at currently:


Thanks again!

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

I am trying to understand what I see here, as I can see you have a "Compose" so I expect you're using the expression I gave above - but I also see that you have "Initialize Variables" and then you're pointing at that - "Checkboxes" - which I'm guessing is where it's turning into a loop.

Let's try this... 

1) Get Response Details
2) Compose:  replace(replace(replace(outputs(YOURFORMSMULTISELECT,'"',''),']',''),'[','')

3) Condition - same as what you have, but instead, use "contains", not "is equal to". 

4) Use the output from the Compose in your email as well. 


That should get you a single email sent for the one form, and let you use the cleaned-up checkboxes inside of the email. 




I recommend renaming your actions, especially your composes and variables, so you know what's happening in there.


No such luck. Am I substituting "YOURFORMSMULTISELECT" for something named? As it stands, compose is kicking back that the expression is invalid.


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