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Combining multiple strings into one Array



New to Power Automate and I'm bumbling through trying to create some automated flows for work, and I'm having an issue that I'm sure must be easy to resolve, but I can't figure it out!


I am trying to take the answers from six separate questions on a Microsoft Form (all of which are multiple checkbox options) - I then need to combine all of these into an array so that I can continue to manipulate the data against information we hold elsewhere.


However, I've tried to do this in the following way and have hit a problem:

1) Initialize a Variable for the answers to all six questions:



2) Use a Parse JSON to take the 'Stations' variable and convert to an array using the following schema:


"type": "array",
"items": {
"type": "string"


The problem is that the output from this parse JSON only has the answers from the first question of the six, and ignores all the others. The answers are there in the "Stations" variable, but then this schema is clearly ignoring everything after the first ]


Is there an easy schema that will do what I want it to do?



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Super User

Hello @Brawny2004 


You can try building your own JSON object

Use a Object variable instead

Try something like this:


“Question1”: “”,

“Question2”: “”,

“Question3”: “”,

“Question4”: “”,
“Question5”: “”,

“Question6”: “”



put your dynamic content inside the “”

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1) Initialize a variable of type Object.

2) To populate the variable, use action: Append to Array.

3) In Append to Array- value will be the Json format like:


"Question1":"Input Dynamic Content Question1",

"Question2":"Input Dynamic Content Question1"



Hope this helps!


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