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Combining text & SharePoint data in a Flow field expression




- Using SharePoint document

- Flow taking data from that document

- Flow importing into the mapped free text field on the CRM (Dynamics)



- Within an 'If' expression where I am putting in null where the SharePoint cell is blank, how do I then say if it is not, to combine a text label with the data from the SharePoint? 



- Previously, I had not been using the 'If empty' formula and the Flow worked using this: 


However, there are times where there is no other industry, and we would need to go to the CRM to delete the 'Other Industry' label. 


Output desired: 


- Only using an expression through Flow, have the output on the CRM to leave the field blank where there is no Other Industry listed in the SharePoint, and have the field filled in with the label of 'Other Industry:' then the SharePoint cell data where there is information in the cell. 


As a starting point, where there is no label for fields, the formula that works is:



So, what next? 


Much appreciated!

Community Support
Community Support
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Thanks for this, it is a helpful starting point; however, based on the post and my understanding, this will only apply the field to those which are null - I essentially need the opposite.


So, rather than providing an automatic input for the null fields, I want to have the Flow input an automatic text, plus the field, for those which are not null.


What  I need to know how to do, is how to have Flow input into a Dynamics field a predetermined text then the cell value from SharePoint. In Excel I would use a formula like =IF(B2="","","Other Industry: "& B2) where B2 is the cell; however, I'm not sure how to do this in Flow.


Much appreciated.

Assume a choice column in a SharePoint list name Tasks

and it may be blank or null

create a simple flow like this 


this is the expression

if(equals(outputs('Get_item')?['body/Tasks/Value'],null),'no tasks',outputs('Get_item')?['body/Tasks/Value'])
If Tasks value is null then return 'no tasks' otherwise return the tasks value.
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That's great, thank you. That is more along the solution I'm seeking but with two main differences: 


1. How would you do this if you were getting an item from a SharePoint document and not a list? I already have used the 'List Rows present in a table' and 'Apply to Each' actions. I am trying to build the compose within the 'Apply to Each' section. 

2. How would you add a text value (a label) to the 'If not' value? Essentially, I want the import blank if there is no value but with a label such as 'Other Tasks:' before the value in the cell. 


Much appreciated. 



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