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Combining two GET Requests sorted and joined by a key/value identifier and more

Here is the scenario: 

I have several devices to pull info from, but all accessible through a single GET request. However, the model number is not included on the first request. I have to do a second to get that information. Then I need to make the two request data into a multiple entries with the data joined together. Finally, I need to replace the model numbers with their more friendly names. Bonus - Create a count of all Model X vs Model Ts in the entirity of the request and include in the same CSV. 


Request 1: 

GET / app-json

Device ID: 00000

user: Jane Smith





Request 2: 

GET / app-json

Device ID: 00000

Model number: XXXXXX12


I need to combine sorted by Device ID: 00000 (So that the information matches each other.)


Compose and replace: 

Then - Replace the model number with a friendly one ex. XXXXXX12 subsituted with Model X. 


So far I have:

HTTP  x2

Parse x2

Select x2 (the information I need - bunch of extra stuff I don't)




Create CSV Table

Attachment CSV Table

and hopefully end up with something like this. 


Device ID: 00000

user: Jane Smith


Warranty:  Some Date

Serial: Serial

Model: Model X


If possible add a quanity count of running total of Model X (or other model friendly name) on a seperate table, but within the same CSV created. 


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Arpful,


Have you take a try to achieve the requirement within microsoft flow?

What is the trouble you meet when you try to achieve the needs?

Please share more details so we would try to provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,


Yes I have.

The details are in the original message.


To be honest, I assume this is probably a built in function - It would seem crazy to me that a dev team wouldn't put that on the list of a basic feature, especially with everything flow interacts with.

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