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Compare Sharepoint Lists, get maximum/minimum value per each task and update item.

Hi everyone,

I'm new in Flow and I've been trying to figure out how to make my flow works. I saw some videos and tried some things, but it didn't work. Maybe someone can show me the correct steps.


So, I have two sharepoint lists.

List A contains three columns. Task ID, start date and end date.
List B contains four columns. Task ID, Worker, start date and end date.

In list B, I can have more then an row per task because I can have more than one worker on a task.


What I have to do is:


1. Thrigger when an item is created or modified in list B
2. Get items from list A
3. Filter the task ID and compare it to the task ID of the row that was created or modified.
4. Create an array of list B (the list that I created or modified items) in the start date column and get the minimum value (let's call it start_date_min) and another array in end date column and get the maximum value (let's cal end_date_max).
5. A condition for comparing the task ID in list B that was created or modified with the task ID in list A.
6. If the task ID matchs, update the start date with start_date_min and end date with end_date_max


I had difficulties with step 3 and 4.


Maybe one of you could point me in the right direction?



Super User
Super User

Hello @ThiagoPais 

Let me see if I understand your need correctly.

When a B item is modified, you have to check whether or not the start date and/or the end date is outside the period specified by the related A item and then update the A item accordingly. Example:

A item starts 2020-01-01 and ends 2020-01-31

B item starts 2020-01-24 and ends 2020-02-10 <- end date was modified in B


A now has to be updated to have an end date = 2020-02-10 - correct?

Kind regards, John

Hello @JohnAageAnderse.

I'm sorry for the delay. I hadn't seen your message before.


Not exactely. Let me explain:


Sharepoint A is a list of tasks about a project. And I have the start date and end date columns about the task (a row).

Sharepoint B is a sublist of Sharepoint A. It is a list where I select the people who will work on a task and enter the start date and the end date. But I can have more than one person on a task and on different days.


For example:

Worker 1 will start on 11/08/2020 and end on 12/08/2020

Worker 2 will start on 12/08/2020 and end on 12/08/2020


What I need? In Sharepoint B, group the same tasks selecting the minimum start date and the maximum end date and update this info in sharepoint A in the start date and end date columns respectivaly. But matching the tasks of course.

And I need this when creating a new row or when modifying an existing one.


Do your understand?


Thanks if you can help.


My best regards.






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