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Complete Outlook Task when I complete Todoist task

I have a flow setup that creates a Todoist task when an Outlook Task is created. This works well.


When I complete the task in Todoist I want the Outlook task to also get marked as completed. I have a flow setup to do this but it is failing. The outlook task action is asking for a "task" to delete. Is this the name of the task or is it a number id? I tried the task Title of Todoist since both Outlook and Todoist will have the same title but this failed. 


How does dynamic data work with the Outlook Task "Complete an task" action work? 



Advocate I
Advocate I

I did not see the List all tasks option. I was able to list all tasks in Outlook and run a condition that worked. 

Hi @unfeomateo - glad you got it working! You could also maintain the ID of the task you create (would be in the output of creating a task) and use that to update the same task later.


Let us know if you hit any other issues, ideas for future features are always welcome as well!

I do not know what you mean by that. It sounds like what I was trying to do that was failing. 


What do you mean by maintain the ID? ID for todoist or ID for Tasks? I have no idea how to see the ID of the outlook task. 

My Flow to add a Task to todoist always runs twice so I have two tasks instead of one.


My flow to delete the task from outlook runs 4 times. 


So that may be a problem and cause me to get billed? 

The ID of the task is one of the outputs in Flow on the "Create Task" operation, similar to the "List Tasks" operation. We've had some customers feed the ID back into the original tasks to help these types of syncing scenarios.


The flows shouldn't trigger multiple times, could you direct message me with a screenshot of the configuration?





How does the screenshot you sent help me delete the Outlook Task?


I do not have any Flows triggered when a Todoist task is created so this may not apply to me.  



 I have no idea how to send you a direct message so I will just post here. Its nothing private. 


2017-03-02 16_20_44-Manage your flows _ Microsoft Flow.png2017-03-02 16_22_38-Manage your flows _ Microsoft Flow.png


Hi @unfeomateo -  my screenshot may not have matched exactly but I was trying to show a mechanism to store the Outlook Task ID in the Todoist Task, which you could then reuse when you want to delete the Outlook Task. You could use a similar pattern and change the trigger to the Outlook trigger, or keep it the way you have working now 🙂


Can you check the flow runs (My Flows > (i)) to see if one run is creating multiple tasks or if there are multiple concurrent runs? That would help narrow down where the duplicate tasks are coming from.


Depending on your scenario you may want to configure your workflow slightly different. For example, if you're always queuing off the value of the "importance" field, you could use "Switch" instead:



I still do not understand how putting the ID in the title will help me delete it. I also would never want to see ID's in the title of a task. I will stick with what I have now. 


"Can you check the flow runs (My Flows > (i))"   I thought thats what I sent in the last post. I see 2-4 runs when one task is created in outlook. This then creates 2-4 tasks in todoist. 


I will try to use the switch instead. These are my first ever flows so I am new to this.


Is there any documentation on setting up flows? I have no idea what most of the options mean. For example What is a scope? 

We have some great resources for learning more about Flow, I'd suggest starting the Guided Learning section. You can also review individual topics, such as building flows or viewing the flow runs.


If you select one of the successful runs of your flow, you should see more details about what actually occured during the workflow. There will be information such as the name of the task and the actual query we're running and green arrows on the step will indicate it executed. Both should give a hint to why multiple tasks are being created. You can also share your Flow URL for further troubleshooting on our side.

I used the switch like you suggested then added 4 tasks. Only one had a duplicate. So I will keep an eye on it. 


Do you know anyway to add a comment or label to todoist? When I create a task from Onenote the task is added to my Outlook tasks with a link to the exact location of the task in onenote. I would like to be able to copy the body of an outlook task as a comment in the Todoist task.


I have not had succes with adding labels or comments from other systems such as Workflow on IOS or ifttt so I hope Flow can do it.


Thanks for all your help. 

I am still seeing the Flow run twice to add a task to Todoist. Both  are successful and run exatly the same way. 


2017-03-07 10_09_42-Manage your flows _ Microsoft Flow.png



im comlpetely new to Flow and would seek your help. I need tasks that I create in OneNote being also added to Todoist (first to Outlook). Then I need these Todoist tasks being marked in Outlook as done when I complete them (so that the task will be marked as done in OneNote as well) Could you be so kind and post me a screenshot of the two needed flows that would be absolutely great.

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Can I asked what your conidition was on this?

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