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Helper I

Complicated Flow

So this is what I have now  (to put it into context I am a Travel Agent). I have one flow already and I am wanting to correct it and add to it/ create other ones that kind of interconnected in a way. 


I have really simplified but I do have other branches that aren't worth mentioning.  (BOOKING FORM)

- When I fill in a form it starts the Flow (Booking Form)

 - From there it sends an email to the guest it the information that I filled out. Name, birthdates, travel details, terms, conditions, etc.   (not on the screenshot but that's simple!)

- Return Date in Calendar (which is good)

- Subtract 3 Weeks from Departure Date since that is when their document for their trip will be ready (Calendar Reminder)  (this works but I need to put something in there if the form was filled out within 3 weeks then not put it in my calendar)

- Ready to go Email ( this I need to fix). My Part-time solution for this one is to send it to myself and then sent them out as a delayed  email-- it is just annoying having to do it this way but I have some clients book 1 year + in advance)

- Welcome Home Emails ( same as "ready to go Email")

- Inputs the Data into a SharePoint list

- Creates a Booking Sheet in One Note (converts time so it is the same format)

 - Final Payment (can't get this to convert in One note to the right format since some of it is null). My Part-time solution for this is to send it to myself then do a delayed email out. (again a little annoying)


So that is what I have now and there are some things that need to be corrected but I want to build a new flow  (or 2 - 3 flows?). I know it may not be mapped out properly but hope it makes sense. I know some of it I can do but I guess there are a few things I am struggling with. 

1. How to send an email past 30 days ( Happy Birthday email, passport expiry notice, final payment, etc.). Doing it as a delayed email is only a part-time solution and it is a little annoying. 

2. How to transfer data from Client to Quote to Booked. I have been doing some research and I am thinking am making my self confused on what would be helpful. Sql, Power Apps, etc. 

3. Yes I can do this by filling in separate forms for Client info then one for Quote, etc ... but that is more time-consuming and annoying.  I am fine if it is a drop-down menu in a form and auto fills, name address, etc.  I just don't want to fill it our/copy- paste it 10 times. 

4. My security (set by my higher-ups and it is very restrictive) so I can't share a file in one drive, etc. Sometimes doesnt let me add to some of my own spreadsheets. 

5.  I only have the standard flow, not the premium. 

6. I want to be able to analyze the data with Power BI because I think if I have that information I can be better. 

7. Have limited budget for setting this up so cant have any fancy programs. 

8.Sorry for my horrible writing!

9. If you have made it this far-- thank you! Even if you don't know to do it all if you can just let me know your ideas or how to solve one piece of the puzzle. 

10. I am just a travel agent and I am self-taught so I don't know coding or anything like that but I have created some flows so I am not completely new to this. 


Thank you!





Helper I
Helper I

It didn't transfer over the picture of my current flow. 


Super User III
Super User III


You've got a lot going on there 🙂


My suggestion is for you to start at the beginning and ask your questions one at a time as we (the Community and you) work through your Flow. Can you post screen shots of the start of your Flow up to the point where you have your first issue.  The issues can be addressed one at a time.


I do want to answer one question:

"How to send an email past 30 days ( Happy Birthday email, passport expiry notice, final payment, etc.). Doing it as a delayed email is only a part-time solution and it is a little annoying"


My suggestion is to do this in a separate Flow that runs once a day.  I can look for the conditions that you describe (such as passport expiration) and send emails as appropriate.  When you get to that point, I can provide a more detailed explanation (it involves a filter query in your get items action).




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Thanks @ScottShearer ,

Yes, there is a little bit of information going on there.

I guess my number 1 question to start is it best for the information to be in Sharepoint or elsewhere?  I don't think you can transfer data very easily between one Sharepoint list to another. Where/ What program should the information be in that I can easily Copy it from "Client" to "Quote", etc. 




Where to store the data can get complicated, but SharePoint may meet your needs.

There likely isn't any need to copy/move the data from one list to another.  Rather, you can have a column in the list that indicates the status: Client, Quote, Etc..  You can create SharePoint views that filter the data to show just Quotes, etc..


That said, it is actually easy to copy data from one list to another - just retrieve the data for an item in the first list (get item) and create an item in the second list (create item).


If you have a situation where you have a lot of "one to many" relationships, then SharePoint may not be a great choice and using SQL Server might be a better option.  So, for example, if there are a series of payments related to a customer, that is a one to many relationship.  There are no hard and fast rules on this - it is a matter of degree.  These relationships need to be considered if you move data from one list to another.




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 Hello @ScottShearer , 

Thank you so much for your help so far. I figured out a way to run the data through SharePoint and power apps. 

Are you able to do an example flow of doing a run through the data to see if 

Ex: Send them a happy birthday reminder if the date in the sharepoint list = todays date. Also with this birthdate example since it has a year associated with it will it work? (sorry just thought about this as I was typing this!)


Once I have an example one I should be able to transfer this logic into if the final payment date is coming up. 

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