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Advocate II
Advocate II

Condition cancels with no inputs but succeeds when condition is true

....... at first I thought this one was going to be easy. 

I am receiving events triggered by a synthetic transaction software that does things like upload to onedrive, download and delete, send/receive email, teams network check/IMs/calls, SPO, URLs etc. 
This thing shoots webhooks out and I grab them into PowerAutomate. The variable in question is TicketStatus which is notated in the flow as intTicketStatus. Once my variables are populated from the incoming http message, I then proceed through a bunch of Conditions to verify that what I'm looking at actually has data in it. If it doesn't I create a message noting that it's blank. 
Once all the pre-flight checks are done I then go down to the meat and potatoes, another simple Condition. IF intTicketStatus is less than or equal to 1. A zero means recovered and a 1 means warning, 2/4/8 meaning yellow and red alert 🙂

I clicked on the Condition and ensured "run after successful" was checked for the previous step (An Apply to Each). Unfortunately this still fails. I then thought, "Well maybe FLOW hates it when I IF the variable twice in one flow", so I made intTicketStatusClone and tried that, same thing - Skipped no Input. The weird part is when intTicketStatus is a 0 or 1, it matches and hits YES. 
argh............ I'm going to try and get rid of the apply to each using range() <--- excellent trick btw!  ..... i'm missing something obvious as to why the condition is skipping..... 










Advocate II
Advocate II

So I have modified this. The Apply to Each is now gone. I also eliminated the first condition check TicketStatus. My condition check still fails. 





I don't understand what is causing the Condition to skip............




I flipped it around and it is still doing the same thing .. this is actually a good thing in the end, flipping the logic made the flow simpler 🙂 I still don't understand this bloody skip no input thing....




I think I solved my own problem !!! YAY!!!!!
So I think the issue is when you click test and say you'll use old data. I think there's something glitchy there. The one test I did with previously used data failed with the same skip no inputs
An actual new http msg came in and it is hanging at running (as it should be, it's an AdaptiveCard waiting for input). I'll continue to observe, but I think the flipping of the Condition logic fixed this unknown trouble which was exacerbated by the 'test' component. 




! BLAST IT ! it is still doing it. It is just failing the opposite way 😛 


If I go up I can verify that the status is equal to '1' at this particular run by double checking the variable and the compose on the no branch. At least this way when there's an escalating emergency it is sending out the corresponding alerts. 

That condition shouldn't says "No Input" it should say "False" .......... 

Advocate II
Advocate II

I've opened a case with Microsoft Premiere on this issue.
Note, I've also replicated the same thing on Azure Logic flows. So I don't think this is just me. 
@Paulie78  @Pstork1 -> I'm curious if either of you can replicate. Using HTTP request as the trigger, whatever you want for a schema, then place an if condition, measure something (string or integer) and lemme know what happens. 
I replicate the fail no input in both Power Automate (biz account) and Azure Logic (personal account). 

Helper II
Helper II

I'm interested any information about your case. Has it been solved?
One on my flow suddenly started to fail with "no inputs" error in a condition (but not following a HTTP request)


And worse,  this occurs randomly. 
Worked fine until few days, started to fail from time to time and now it's practically systematic (with few exceptions)



Not sure if you ever found the resolution to your issue. I found this post with a similar issue of a condition returning Cancelled with No Inputs. In my case, the action prior was an apply to each that was looping through the rows in an Excel sheet. While the Flow could read the data, and the loop behaved as expected, the condition after the loop was not evaluated.

Turns out it was because the worksheet was protected. When I turned that off, the Condition evaluated as normal.

I wanted to add this here, because this was the most recent thread I found searching for a similar issue.

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I have a similar case: No Inputs or cancel in a condition, in both answer, I do a new flow, sum my different conditions on less conditions to do a simple condition an no condition over condition (In the new flow, the condition created is totally new). At the moment, this occurr me when i reuse a flow an change minimal conditions, per example, in the first flow I use a state value one and over the time I need use a state value two, per minimal combination the sum of conditions give me that answer.
other example: I only change trigger condition on a flow that work excellent, the conditions give me cancel or no inputs, on conditions that dont be modified inside the flow, when I create a new flow copy some boxes to new flow, I create the conditionals boxes as new, copy the same actions in the conditionals, both flow are equals, the firts flow give cancel o no inputs, the second flow work correctly.


Frequent Visitor

I forget the last one: I have a switch inside a condition, I expect the condition will true, because I cover all the inputs of that condition, and expect next box (switch) cover with default option, but switch condition is no cover on the default, that give me no inputs as result the condition box. When I do the change in my switch to cover a condition as a case and not in the default of switch, the flow run correctly. 

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