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Condition failing with BadRequest


I am working on flow that starts with Sharepoint list item creation and should have condition based on one of metadata values. Every time I create an item in the list my Flow fails on the first condition. I read a number column and than compare it to some value. The error is:

podminka 2.PNG

My condition is simple and looks like this:


Am I doing something wrong? Where could be the problem?

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Condition failing with BadRequest

Hi Duchy,


I created a simple flow which was triggered by “when a new item is created in SharePoint list”. Followed by a condition. I configured the condition to “Number is greater than 15”. If yes, send an email. However, when a new item was created, ”Send email” action was skipped. I got the error message “Action Dependency Failed”. 


Then I tried another flow to insert row to Google sheets when a new item was created with a condition. I configured the condition to “Full Name contains Test”. When a new item was created in the list, "Insert row" action was skipped. And error message “Action Dependency Failed” also occurred.


For this issue, I suggest you to send a feedback using the smile icon in Flow.

smile icon flow.PNG

Best regards,
Mabel Mao