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Condition returns false when field in sharepoint list changes

Hi Experts


I have created a flow which runs when a "Status" field (drop-down) in a Sharepoint list is changed to "Resolved".

The flow runs, but the Condition block always returns Expression result = False

I added a 'Compose' action which clearly shows that the field value is set to "Resolved" when run:




 This is the flow in edit mode:



This is thThis

Any ideas? Some intense googling doen't seem to have thrown any light on a solution. For info, I have also entered the condition as an expression with the same result (equals(triggerBody()?['Status']?['Value'], 'Resolved')

Thank you!

Helper V
Helper V

Will you verify that you are using Status Value in your condition as your image only shows status.



Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @shrimper

Based on the information you have provided and the naming convention in the graphic,

Try setting your condition to:Capture-099.png


Also: not sure you need that "Compose" if it just holds status, unlesss you are calling the compose with outputs('Compose') somewhere else in your Flow that is not in the graphic, or it is just for testing and the illustration perhaps as you had of course mentioned "I added a 'Compose' action which clearly shows that the field value is set to 'Resolved' when run"!


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Thanks, Alan


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Thanks for the reply, yes I had tried both "Status and "Status Value" with the same results.

As a workaround, I have initialised a variable which is set to Status Value and then used that in the condition - which seems to work ok

Very strange, glad you found a workaround.  I would be curious if you tried to do the same thing in another Flow if you would get the same results.   Your original method should and does work in my environment.


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Thank you,


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