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Condition subject help



Im having some issues getting condition to work everytime. 


We are daily receiving multiple emails to a shared mailbox. These emails needs to be split up and forwarded to either A or B. 

The email subject includes a country code. If country code is Country: US it will be forwarded to person B. 

But most of the times this does not work and i get a false in express result. Is my setup wrong? 


Let me know if you need further information. 





Resolver I
Resolver I

Would it not be easier to set up a mailbox rule in Exchange for this? I mean, if the dividing of emails is all that's being done here.


Anyway, your condition is a bit confusing to me, as it appears to encompass all possible conditions/outcomes. So basically if any of those are met it will go to person B. That could just be my understanding. But, surely if only US items need to go to person B that's all that should be in the condition? Have you tried using a switch case instead?

Thank you for your reply. 


I have tried mailbox rules and transport rules. But they got the same issue. Only working sometimes.


The US country code was just to make an example. 

If the email subject includes any country codes in the first condition it should forward it to person A. If nothing matches it should go down to the next condition and see if any matches to forward to person B. 




I think that it is also failing (or not working every time as well) with the exchange rule is telling of the method you're using. It's just a guess, but because your condition is 'contains' it will look for a combination of letters, for instance, CA will trigger if the subject contains 'can',  FO: 'For', US: 'use' Land: 'and'. This is very much the same when I do a search on this page for 'way' I get a result from the page footer:



If you only need certain emails to go to certain people, I would suggest either creating another separate mailbox and informing senders to route email to the appropriate inbox, or just emailing the people individually. Or, have you tried a mailbox rule to put email items in different mailbox folders? Using a shared mailbox in the way you are trying is sort of circumventing the entire purpose of a shared mailbox in the first place. If you want mail items routed to a certain person then I would just have people send them there in the first place.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @DKTe, try to lowercase your subject and use "land: uk", "land: nl" etc in the condition. 

Contact me if you are interested in custom Power Automate development.

Below screenshot is an subject received yesterday. I have blacked out some of it because its confidential. 

But since i have a condition with "Land: DK" this email should be forwarded.

Flow says its couldnt match anything in my conditions. 







Just tried but doesent seem to work. 

Please show your modified flow.

Contact me if you are interested in custom Power Automate development.



You have to  convert value of Subject to lower case using toLower() function.

Contact me if you are interested in custom Power Automate development.

Im a novice in power automate so i dont know what do to with this link. 


But isnt it case sensitive. It wont work at all if i use only lower case. Atleast it works 1 out of 10 times if i write it as it its in the mail subject. 

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