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Helper I

Connecting 2 Separate Flows (Forms, Planner, SharePoint, etc.)



I am having difficulty figuring out a piece of my puzzle. Essentially my first flow goes as follows: 

  1. User submits MS Form Response to request new policy or change to existing. 
  2. MS Form responses converted into a Word/PDF Document
  3. PDF Document attached to Approval and sent to Affected Departments. 
  4. If Affected Departments accept, They are added to a team's channel and assigned planner tasks to complete collaboratively as a group.
  5. Once complete, they are sent a final approval to confirm the new document they created. 

My question is regarding my 2nd flow; Once the planner task is completed, I would like to grab those details (title, checklist, description, etc. ) and have it update the information from my first flow so that I can update the Word/PDF Document (or create a new one). Unsure how to go about this and would appreciate any assistance. 


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