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Helper II
Helper II

Contacts uses 1 email address for business regarding 2 different Accounts



My organization has a handful of people who are Contacts that are on the BOD of more than 1 Account. As such, the CEO from Firm 1 sends us emails both about the company he leads using the same email address as his business dealings from Firm 2.


His domain is [CEO] and he uses this same address when communicating with us about Firm 2.


Subject line: '[Firm 2] Gains Summary' from


The ideal solution would be to convince these people to organize their correspondence for our sake.


Alternatively, I was hoping I can create a Dynamics 365 Connection (or something, I am here for advice) that indicates a Contact has more than 1 associated Account. If so, I thought I might be able to run a weekly Flow that that:


1. Lists Contacts

2. Filter by Contacts who have a Connection

3. List of Contacts is now maybe 6 people big

4. Then, read the email header to try to match it to the correct Firm.


In the above example, I want that email to appear in Firm 2's Timeline. 


I am pretty early into it and about the head out for the week, so I expect to be back thinking about this something next week.


First, I am simply trying to see what Connection- or Relationship-related data might look like from this List Rows. Immediately, I am not finding any Fields/Columns that are obviously what I am looking for.





Any input?

Community Champion
Community Champion

I guess there is no way to ask this CEO to use and addresses?

Contact me if you are interested in custom Power Automate development.
Helper II
Helper II

That would be the ideal solution, I agree. 😁


Unfortunately, this is not an option.


If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

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