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Convert word to PDF error 400: There was an error accessing the file

I'm having trouble with the word to PDF step in my flow.


For some reason, it runs perfectly when you put in the file name manually (1):



But when you try to do it with dynamic content, it fails (2):


I looked at both flows after they ran, and they seem to have the exact same parameters, to the letter. Yet one fails (as you can see below). so I am at a loss of what to do.




 This is the entire flow at the moment (I've been trying different dynamic values in the word-to-pdf but no luck):


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Can you try the dynamic content value ID instead of name? That might fix it!

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @Anonymous,

I have made some tests for your issue on my side.

I have tired dynamic content value like: ID ,Name, File Name with extension.

They all have the same issue like yours.

So, I’m afraid you can only choose the File manually here.

As the Connector Reference explain: you can only ' Select a Word file through File Browse '.

If you would like this feature to be added in Microsoft Flow, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum:


Best Regards



Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Hi @Anonymous
i use the following workaround:
At the design time of the Flow, I have a default document within my library called "default.docx" for example.
At runtime, my Flow gets a word template (by using the "Populate a MS Word template" action), in my case an invoice, and fills it with the invoice data.

After that my Flow saves the populated word document as "default.docx". This replaces my document that i put there at design time.
The fact, that the default.docx has been there a design time, lets me select the file with the file picker of the Convert Document to PDF-Action.
Now the conversion works well and the Flow can saves the file content to SharePoint with name you want, "Invoice-12345.pdf" for example.
Hope that helps.
Best regards

Hi all,


I am looking for the same feature as well. There is now an idea thread for this feature.
Please vote for it if you need/want this, too:


You can select the file dynamically, For example by using the Displayname from the "Create file Word"-connector.
It works just fine.
BUT when 2 or more persons run the flow at the same time, The pdf converter can not find the file.

I have tried using the ID but that doesn't work either.
PLEASE fix this! Otherwise it's no use having this connector.

Conver Word Document to PDF setup.PNGConvert Word Document to PDF Error message.png

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