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Converting regular emails with personal details into Team membership

In my job, I reccieve weekly emails to a shared inbox with personal details in them in a table format like so:


Detailed Members Report
Report generated Fri 09 Aug 2022 02:00 by [name]
[ABC12345] Job name
Last name
First name
Under 18
Card number
Email address
Phone number
SMS number
User ID
01 Jan 2000
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(Sometimes there are upwards of 20 peoples details in the table, but often it is only a couple, or even 0)


I then have to take these email addresses and add them into our works Teams channel/ Sharepoint.


I'm confident there must be a way to automate this process of copy/pasting an email address from one platform to another - but after messing around with powerautomate for a while, I cannot work out the simplest way to do this.


Currently I have a flow that starts:


When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox (V2)

(Subject filter: Detailed Members Report")


HTML text

The body of the message


But I'm stuck with the next steps. 


I tried to get the text imported into a new row of an existing excel spreadsheet that I manually update (with the same layout/columns as the email) - but I can't get the content to appear in the correct columns (because the email content arrives in a table this seems to complicate things). After this, my plan would be to try and get powerautomate to copy the email addresses from the emails column, and then use these to add new members to our Team.


Is this the best way to do this? I'm very new to the platform, so any help (either with a different idea or how to make this one work) would be appriciated!


Thank you.



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