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Copy SharePoint document from one library to another


I am having trouble moving a document from one library to another.  My Flow is set to move a document when the status changes from Current->Archived.  Upon that change, I want Flow to copy the document from Library A to Library B.  When I run my Flow, it says the file doesn't exist.  What am I doing wrong?


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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @sreedwilson,


I just got the same error and have updated this to the pg. Should there is any further information delivered, I will notice you here.




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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@sreedwilson "Name" trigger output does not contain the file extension, right?. I've also tried also using Folder Path trigger output, instead of manually typing it; but the issue persistFolderPathNameExtension.png



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I have experienced the same issue.


I had the flow running successfully for months. I used the file extension as suggested. Not neither works.



Hi @efialtes@sreedwilson@TS,


I'm afraid that you cannot use the "Properties Only" trigger to copy files in SharePoint so far. It won't work with the way you set the file path. 

You could post this idea in the Flow Ideas forum, so it might be considered for future releases.




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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I am using a different trigger.- sharepoint item created.


The error reported is not with the trigger it is with the copy.  This was working before but stopped last week






I just wanted to share that I get the same error message using the "Extract folder" step. I had the flow running for months and since August 2nd, 2017 it fails consistently on the "Extract folder" step. Indicating the extracted file doesn't exist. I assume that an extract folder is just a copy from the .zip file to a folder on SharePoint, so there might be some shared logic behind that is now somehow flawed.

So there is no way to copy a document from one document library to another using Flow?  Any suggestions for a workaround? I just need to move older documennts from one place to another - would rather not us SharePoint Designer.

I dont know if something has changed but i have fiinally got something working.


Rather than copy file. it seems to work fine using create file.


See below. I have another flow that takes an attachment from an email and creates a list item. The list has a calculated collum to shorten the email subject and give our clients name. This is then used by this flow to file it in the clients document library. It then deletes the item so next time it doesn't recreate the same file. 






Happy days! But please Microsoft don't mess with this one....

The problem with Create File is that you keep downloading/re-uploading files all the time. Wait until you hit a file >50MB and see it fail.


The problem with Copy File is a bug in the code, if you look at the "File does not exist" message you will see that the _Destination_ file does not exist! This is because the path to the file is encoded incorrectly. This bug had been reported since quite a while, but is not fixed.


The workaround is to check if the file exists and then either delete it and copy, or skip copy (based on what you prefer). You may even send an approval email to the user, asking whether they want to overwrite or skip :- it seems approvals in Flow are all the rage 🙂 The trick is checking if the file exists. There are two approaches:

* Get Files -> foreach -> compare name. That is OK only for small libraries, as you generate tons of load and wait time. Plus you get extra nested blocks in the Flow Editor, making it even slower.

* Get File Metadata using path (give it full file name, not jus path) and then use Condition in advanced mode, checking for "Empty": @empty(body('Get_Files')?[Id'])) This looks scarier, but actually is faster and generates less load. Works for me :))



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Has anyone at MSFT fixed this issue? It seems to be quite basic especially when there is a "Move button" whose logic we should be able to automate in Flow.  Take file XXX that I changed in Location A and move it to Location B. 

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I am trying to do this as well and have used everything WITH a MSFT Flow specialist from MSFT Support and even they cannot get it to work. Of all the hairbrain things to NOT work, of all the Hype about Flow... this could not be more simple. #Frustrating

Hey @v-monli-msft,



Any updates on this issue?

I still got the same error as the first post on this and we are several months later.

I would like some feedback on this because this is a really needed standard action.


Kind regards




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Hi  @v-monli-msft,


Is there any update or a workaround for this issue. We have a similar requirement to move files from one library to another libarry.



I, also, am not able to get this to work.  I'd like to move a document from one library to another library whenever the approval workflow status changes to approved.  Then, delete the original from the originating library. 


Thank you.  

Such a simple function is proving to be a nightmare. I have a workflow, and once finished marks the file as approved.

Then I have a workflow that triggers when it sees the document as approved and need it to copy to a new document library and delete from the current list.


Can anyone help ?

Microsoft has (finally) added a copy file from SharePoint to SharePoint template. I'm still surprised how hard it is to create a blank Flow that does this.

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Is there an option in Flow to copy file based on status change of one of the atribut called status? I would like to have a copy of file when it's status change from Review to Approve.

Any idea how to do it?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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