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New Member

Copy files from file system to FTP

hi all,

i need to create a flow that copies a file from my local file system to an FTP server.


i've a gateway installed, and the flow works fine if i'm getting the file information and creating it in sharepoint (365).


however, when i replace the sharepoint connector with an FTP, I get the following error:



  "message""An invalid request was made. Inspect the passed parameters and actions.\r\nclientRequestId: 30979729-e60f-4631-aa18-deb2bea25149",





1- when a file is created (properties only)

2- get file content

3- create file on FTP


steps 1 and 2 work fine. it fails on step 3.



Could someone please help or advise what i might be doing wrong?

I can go the other way without issues: Ie, when a file is created on the FTP site, I can get its contents and create the file internally.

New Member

hi all,

further to this, i am able to create a file on my FTP server, however only if I use dummy content.


I can use a file name using flow, however if i use file content, that's when the error occurs. i've tried both .docx files and .txt


any help will be greatly appreciated.

New Member

Further, i found an old post suggesting the same problem:


however, it doesn't appear as if though there are any solutions posted - aside from deleting the connector and creating it again (which I did, and was unfortunately of no help to my process.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ allitnils,


Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?


The error code of 400 appears if a setting in an action of the flow doesn't function as expected. 

The error message told that an invalid request was made,please inspect the passed parameters and actions,you'll need to click or tap the Edit button and then correct the problem inside the flow definition. Save the updated flow, and then click or tap Resubmit to try the run again with the updated configuration.


Please let me know if your issue could be solved.


Alice Zhang

I have a similar problem, but in my case the files are created, however I still get 400 error.

I'm also getting this error: An invalid request was made. Inspect the passed parameters and actions.
clientRequestId:  but no solution. Any ideas how to fix this?


I didn't 'fix' it, but I setup a new FTP server on a Windows 10 computer and that works correctly.

The FTP server I was getting the errors with was on a Windows 7 computer but it's complicated by having a proprietary FTP management system which manages logins. I think it was an issue with that software which caused my error.

You might want to try a windows 10 FTP server if you are not using that, or some other FTP server sofware, e.g. filezilla

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