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Copying data between Cognito Forms



I am looking at copying a number of fields from a "common information" cognito form into a two forms, if their names are chosen (using contains as the operator) from a tick list in that form.  I've set up the flow, and came across an odd issue with Flow running "successfully" but saying the value is False (and not copying the fields over) when in fact the correct frase (in this case "Storage") was picked from the list. I've checked spaces, capital letters and tried moving the conditional order of the two phrases and it works fine for "Workplace" in every scenario but won't recognize "Storage" being selected. The advanced editor shows the same expression used in both places

@contains(items('Apply_to_each'), 'Workplace')

@contains(items('Apply_to_each'), 'Storage')


I have tried selecting other areas/ phrases to test it (Workplace / Desktop, Storage, Help/Service Desk, Financial) and the only time i got to acknowledge "Storage" being selected was when Workplace wasnt "ticked".. The other terms are being even more erratic.


I'm new to MS Flow, and this is simplified scenario, with the ultimate goal of setting it up to work with 22 different areas, picking the correct ones based on input to "common" form and prefilling those with a selection of predefined fields.


Does anyone have any suggestions ?



Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Copying data between Cognito Forms

Hi @katSz,


Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?

Could you please explain more details about your scenes?


Please share more details so we would try to provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,



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Re: Copying data between Cognito Forms

flow 2.JPGflow1.JPG



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Re: Copying data between Cognito Forms



I've attached 2 screenshots of the flow set up (it didnt fit on one screen).I kept the detail of the form hidden to make reading easier as that does not appear to have any problems. as said above i moved the formula from one to the other and when responding to workplace both worked.


Not sure what you mean by scenes?

When the run completes, flow reports it as successful with workplace condition reading "true" and storage "false "..

the conditions read from a checklist of 22 different areas (incl. workplace, storage) on the cognito form. I've ticked different combination including the two areas, then running tests on that form moving the words from 1st to second condition to see if it makes a difference (it didnt, workplace worked whether first or second). Only when i created a form that didnt list workplace did storage get recognised as true (running the same flow that would previously show it as false). It seems odd that it would behave this way.


Can you specify what other details can i provide that would be helpful? (I've simplified the scenario as much as possible for testing purposes, as mentioned in the original post.)





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