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Helper II
Helper II

Create Case Record in Dynamics 365 when email receives to specific Email Address

Hi All,

I have scenario that Whenever an email comes to specific email address then Case Record should be created in Dynamics 365 wherein that record should have some data in it's fields such as 1) Origin field should be as Email 2) Subject field Should have Technical>Support>Licence 3)if that Email has any attachments then it should be related with that specific case record or Convert to whole Email into as PDF and then attach it to that specific case record.
4)In description field should have link to that attachment and that attachment should be added as Note to that case record as well.

It seems like you have a lot going on here. So, let's break this down.


First of all, have you looked into using Queues within Dynamics 365? You can set up automatic record creation from emails within the queue.


  1. Creating a Case record in Dynamics 365 is pretty easy. Just choose the "Create a new record" option from the Common Data Service connector. Then update the values accordingly.
  2. Make sure you have your Subject tree set up appropriately prior to updating the value.
    • The Subject field is technically a Lookup field. So, you will need to populate the value of the GUID of the Subject. You will need pull the list of Subjects to then pull appropriate GUID.
  3. You can check if Emails have attachments.
    • I would suggest you use the "Get emails" option.
    • You can filter the records using the "To" field to filter for the specific email address.
    • You can set the "Top" value to be 1 to only pull the 1 email.
    • You can add a Condition in your flow to check if the email has an attachment. 
  4. If you are wanting to convert the email to a PDF, then I would suggest you use the "Create File" option under the SharePoint connector and have a Temp File to put the file into.
    • I would suggest creating a Word document, then populate the document with the contents of the email.
    • Then you can use the "Word Online" connector with the "Convert Word Document to PDF" action.
    • Next, you would have to use the "Create File" action again to create the PDF file.
    • Then you would need to create a Note record within Dynamics 365 and attached the newly created PDF.
    • Then set the "Regarding" of the Note record to point to the Case record you created in the earlier step.

Hi @PowerBack19 ,


I stuck at step 2. I got my subject tree setup. However, I'm having issues with fetching records from subject entity.


Can you please provide me an example of extracting data from subject lookup into a variable?


Please find my flow. I am fetching subject from email and allocating it to the field "Subject".


Now I have to compare Subject field from flow with title of the subject entity.


Then, creating a case with subjectId.







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