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Create Event (V4) - Creating an interval based reoccurring meeting e.g. bi-weekly

I have an issue with trying to create reoccurring meetings with Create Event (v4) from an ICS attachment which is the final stumbling block for me.


My flow is working for single ICS events, weekly re-occurrence and multiple day bookings. I just can't get bi-weekly/interval-based bookings created with Create Event (v4).


My flow is below. It is triggered by new email conditional to a specific domain and email having specific subject title. I then check if this email has an .ICS attachment. If found it is converted first to string with a compose expression of "base64ToString(outputs('Get_Attachment_(V2)')?['body/contentBytes'])" after which I run a split the output to an array via an apply to each with expression "split(outputs('Compose'),decodeUriComponent('%0D%0A'))" which splits the .ICS on the \n\r expressions giving me each line of the ICS to work with within an array.


Start and End times are calculated into a compose with the following expression "convertTimeZone(parseDateTime(replace(substring(variables('Parsed ICS Array')[11],8,15),'T',' '), 'en-AU''yyyyMMdd HHmmss'), 'UTC''AUS Eastern Standard Time')" obviously you can change these to your time zone. I use the substring to start at the time and drop the "Z" from the ICS file.


I then use the array with substring expressions to return the required lines to Create Event (v4) (see below) which works fine until I have a re-occurring meeting that is set to every 2 weeks, 3 weeks etc. These meetings come through and even though I correctly grab the "interval" from the ICS there is nowhere for me to pass this in Create Event (v4); I thought maybe it could be the selected days of week but that is only accepting an array of Monday to Friday; I did wonder if I could use Monday1, Monday2 etc... but that didn't work 🙂

Any help would be appreciated as just reading the .ICS and parsing it to a usable array was a pain!



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Well, after much frustration and googling it appears that the create event (v4) doesn't support the interval function. Hopefully this is implemented at some point.

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