Now I want to generate an HTML table using the Create HTML Table action, which ostensibly takes an array as its input. Lucky me, the Split() function purports to generate an array! However, if I use the output from the Split() function as the INPUT for the Create HTML Table action, Flow fails and tells me I must specify the Column parameter, which is required because (apparently) my Split() output is not seen as an array. (???????) The kicker, of course, is that there are no column names to reference when you split a string into an array, or at least none that I'm aware of. So I took a stab at transforming the array it by wrapping it in the JSON() function, but I get an error for THAT action, because the function requires a string, and it considers the output from the Split() to be an array!
Any ideas on how to REALLY go from a delimited string to a simple single-column HTML table with one row for each delimited item? 
Thanks in advance!!