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Create Notification Email for Group Forms submission

I am trying to automate various flows across my organization and would like to build a series of forms for each department, move them into a group I share with that department, and have submissions generate a notification email providing all submitted data and attachments.


(I cannot rely on users logging into the web client regularly to export spreadsheets or download files individually, nor can I expect them to use SharePoint reliably.)


I have built a test form that works fine, and have begun building out a Flow to submit the data. I'm already:

  • Pinpointing the form ID and start the flow with a "When a New Response is Submitted" module;
  • Getting response details from the form ID, with Response ID set to "Response ID";
  • Getting user profile (V2) to draw in the submitters display name from our system (form is for organization only); and
  • Parsing JSON against the "Photo upload" field.

I encounter difficulties when setting up the attachments :


Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 4.09.50 PM.png


The action fails:


Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 5.04.32 PM.png


If I remove the attachment variables, the email is sent, with appropriate user profile information added with no problem. Am I missing a step to get the attachments working properly? Please note again that I am attempting to automate a form I built that is now part of a group. I cloned the flow and attached it to a different form and am able to attach things (the attachment are 0-byte non-files, but I'll deal with that later.)


Thanks in advance!


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FWIW this video is a perfect walkthrough for what we need to do:

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Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Hi @OSCDigitalMatt 


Check How to save Microsoft Forms Responses & Attachments to SharePoint Lists or Libraries & Send Email - ...


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Reza Dorrani, MVP

Hi Reza,

The tutorial doesn't work for me because I'm not trying to create the intermediate step of storing materials in Sharepoint - I just want to be able to have an email sent to various team members with the attachments submitted by the form. If you know how to create the loop that lets me do that, or can help me correct the steps above, I'd greatly appreciate it.

New Member

FWIW this video is a perfect walkthrough for what we need to do:

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