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Create ServiceNow incident with attachment from email

I'm trying to create a flow that creates a service now ticket from an email. The sticking point is that i've been asked to attach a PDF of the email to the ticket. I've found Muhimbi which does a decent enough job of the conversion but I'm finding that the pdf is corrupt once it has been uploaded to ServiceNow. Given that the connector for ServiceNow currently doesn't support attachements I'm using an HTTP POST to add the attachement to the call after it's been created. I've tried emailing the attachment out after conversion and that looks fine so it's something to do with upload process. 


Does anyone have pdf upload to ServiceNow working?

Helper I
Helper I

somehow after all the searching we did we never came across your post until we were posting our recipe, but if you still need help check this out?


ServiceNow creating incidents with attachments

I have the exact same use-case, @MCCLabelFlow  link provided by you says "Not Enough Access", can you help me here!

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Hello  @MCCLabelFlow  i have the same error with your link, please can you help me.

@SumitPandey Did you found something about that? thanks

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I'm also having the same issue here, and couldn't find anything helpful out there.


@MCCLabelFlow could you share the info in your link here by any chance? I don't have access to the link you posted either.


Many thanks in advance.

Helper I
Helper I

@Seven  @rrodrini  sorry guess that link got nuked.  So yes, the way ServiceNow works is that you have to create the incident first, and then associate each attachment to the attachment table using incident.sys_id as a loop.  So we create the incident, then parse the return body to get the sys_id, and then use the api/now/attachment API to post each attachment.  See below for what the post looks like.  


If you are having permission errors, check the permissions on the account you are using to post to ServiceNow.  You may need to create a new role to allow for posting using the attachments API.



Thank you so much for the details, appreciate it!

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