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Create Sharepoint Item from Forum - "status": 400, "message": "The specified user could not be found

I have a flow that is run when an MS Form is submitted. 


The form gathers response details, gets the user profile and then creates a SharePoint item. The flow fails on "Create SharePoint Item" with the error below. 

"message""The specified user could not be found.\r\nclientRequestId: 62059992-c65f-4499-a645-1057b7c833a3\r\nserviceRequestId: 62059992-c65f-4499-a645-1057b7c833a3"
I have multiple form submissions that failed but also have some that completed successfully. When I compared the form data from the failed and succeeded flows there is no difference in the email and requester fields. 
Any guidance would be appreciated Smiley Happy
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You have blanked out important parts to debug this so cannot really help.


Can see that what you have passed into the requestor field is way too short to be a claims username however so the error supplied is correct that user will not exist :). try passing the username of the requestor in as a minimum and try again

Sorry about that @Gristy I have attached a few other screenshots. I have to blank out names though hopefully, they help.


I changed the requestor claim to use the responder's email address and tested and it still failed the same error. 


Screen Shot 8.pngScreen Shot 10.pngScreen Shot 11.png

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Resident Rockstar

The error is because you are passing Display Name into the Requestor Claims field.


 try User Principal Name instead.

Thanks for the quick reply. 


I change the Requestor Claims to the User Principle Name and I still received the same error. 


What I don't understand is that it works for some form submissions but not others. When I compare the submission data of the successful vs the failed submissions I don't see anything different about the user name or email address. 


Here is the specific error 

The specified user could not be found.
clientRequestId: cabaf8a1-c70f-40b8-8757-6b403cd051aa
serviceRequestId: cabaf8a1-c70f-40b8-8757-6b403cd051aa


Screen Shot 12.png

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