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Helper I

Create Table Excel

I have tried to create a flow that triggers when an email with an attachment is received. It then downloads the attachment to OneDrive to a file named Employees.xlsx. This portion of the flow works perfectly. I need to read the data within the Excel file to post it to an SP list. Since Get Rows is deprecated and my file does not have a table I need to use the Create Table with Excel Online Business. I have tried this within one flow with a delay of 5 minutes between the Create File and the Create Table actions and receive the following error from the Create Table action:


"status": 404,
"message": "The resource could not be found.\r\nclientRequestId: 6ff46304-d3ee-42bd-82fa-321f945df761\r\nserviceRequestId: 7a4c1f71-1a47-4a7a-bfd0-314913ff208c",
"source": ""


I have tried to set this up as two flows with the first getting the attachment from the email and saving and the second triggered by a new file creation. The second then tries the Create Table with a delay of 5 minutes before hand with the same issue. I have scoured the forums and the internet and this seems like a common problem along with file locking issues. Is MS Flow just not mature enough yet to handle an operation of this sort? I have seen one implementation that utilizes the Graph but if I have to go that route I would pursue other options and eliminated the reliability issues of Flow altogether. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi pronuer,


You may wish to share the error you are receiving with this flow so others can offer advice. 

Helper V
Helper V

I have a problem with the same scenario:

User clicks a button in PowerApp that calls a flow sending it data to add to excel.

Flow creates excel file in OneDrive for Business (copied from a blank template)

Excel for Business GetTables is called for the created file

Rows received from the power app are added to excel


It all works, except that when somebody else than me executes the power app, the excel file gets created, but I get a 404 error on the GetTables step, even though I'm using the Id property to identify the created file.





What if the table range is dynamic depending on how many rows in the particular file? How do you deal with that?

it still does not work, it told me item not found. i did saved in the sharepoint .






it does not work me. 






Wondering if someone would post an expanded version of the Get file metadata and Get file properties Actions. My Get file metadata step fails every time. I've added a 5 minute delay after the create file, and that step still fails. In the error when the flow runs, the error is "BadRequest". I cannot figure out why. The Site Address and the File Identifier point to the right SharePoint URL, the correct path, and the correct file name.


Error: Action 'Get_file_metadata' failed

Error Details: "Route did not match...."


In the Action in my flow, for the File Identifier, I am using dynamic content of SharePoint Path. The file is created in the prior step, before the Delay action.




Helper II
Helper II

Anyone facing this isse: A table cannot overlap a range that contains a PivotTable report, ?

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