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Create Task by Subtracting From Future Date

I'm creating a list pulled from a form. One of the fields is a future date, before which certain items need to be accomplished. From that date, I'd like to create different tasks for the team. This specific task needs to be completed 14 days prior to the end date. 


The only expression I'm seeing is "subtractfromTime", but am having trouble understanding how to organize that expression in order for the flow to work.  


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Hi @lbell 


The silly mistake due to which you are getting those vague values for month is you are using mm (which denotes minutes) you should use MM (which denotes month). 


Hope this Helps!

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Hi @lbell 


Can you please share more details on this?


In case you want to subtract 14 days from a variable "x", you can use the expression

Hope this Helps!

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Just tried this a different way... sorry for the lack of detail. This should have more info.


I'm creating a flow starting with the Schedule, Recurrence once every day. I'm pulling dates from a Sharepoint list, but the error is in the Filter Query. This is what I put in the field, trying to set up a reminder for a contract renewal 5 weeks (35 days) prior to expiration. 


This is the error message I receive: 
"status": 400,
"message": "The expression \"PotentialStartDate eq ''2019-49-17\" is not valid.\r\nclientRequestId: 45524fa9-d94a-4cc1-90c9-6ad2b3fc050c\r\nserviceRequestId: 45524fa9-d94a-4cc1-90c9-6ad2b3fc050c"
No idea why it has "49" as the month. The 17th could be 35 days prior to today? But the month would just be "5", if that were the case. I'm looking to pull contract dates that are 35 days in the future, so the reps can be reminded to finalize in accordance with our deadlines.
Afraid I shouldn't have been using the "-" in front of the 35 (if the 17th is 35 days behind today, I'd want to pull a date 35 days in the future? Maybe?), I gave that a try.
This is the error message I receive when I use this string:   formatDateTime(addDays(utcNow(),35),'yyyy-mm-dd') 
(Removed the "-" from in front of the 35.)
"status": 400,
"message": "The expression \"PotentialStartDate eq ''2019-54-26\" is not valid.\r\nclientRequestId: 612a2c10-e71c-4b8a-a1f8-45563eb3dc8f\r\nserviceRequestId: 612a2c10-e71c-4b8a-a1f8-45563eb3dc8f"
Now they're looking for the 54th month? I'm beyond confused. Followed every detail of a YouTube video from a gentleman who it seemed to work for, so I have no idea what I'm doing incorrectly. I'm definitely not a professional, and know nothing about coding. Honestly (and maybe naively), I didn't think you had to know all of that to use Flow, but I'm coming across a great deal more errors than I had anticipated.
I've been working on it all afternoon, so maybe my eyes are missing something obvious. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Another error I've received (as I've gotten just about every one imaginable):
"error": {
"code": 502,
"source": "",
"clientRequestId": "a1c3f169-9e83-40b2-a3cd-c2bba63945cd",
"message": "BadGateway",
"innerError": {
"status": 500,
"message": "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.\r\nclientRequestId: a1c3f169-9e83-40b2-a3cd-c2bba63945cd\r\nserviceRequestId: a1c3f169-9e83-40b2-a3cd-c2bba63945cd"

Hi @lbell 


The silly mistake due to which you are getting those vague values for month is you are using mm (which denotes minutes) you should use MM (which denotes month). 


Hope this Helps!

Hi @lbell ,


Thank you for posting on the Flow Community Forum! Have you had an opportunity to apply any of @yashag2255 's recommendation to adapt your Flow?

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Community Support Team _ Barry
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