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Create a Power Automate to input data from a SharePoint list into a fillable Word Doc

Ok. I really need help. I am out of options and I need to get this done. I have Googled, YouTube and MicroSofted and I cannot do it anymore. I am going crazy. I do not and cannot have a premium license. I do not have the option for a trigger by "Manually Trigger a flow" all I have is for mobile use only. Which doesn't help me. 


I have tried the following: 

My Library name in the "Update file properties" keeps changes to jibberish it should be the second screen shot. 





Ok having said all of that. This doesn't work either. 


What I have going on: I have a power app, that once the submit button is hit the data goes to a SharePoint list. Originally I have a flow set up to have an email sent with attachments informing people that their application has been submitted with directions. However, what I need to be completed is the information that they have put into the Power App needs to be put into the PDF that I have attached to email. I know that I cannot do that since I do not have a premium license so I am switching it up to a word doc. However I cannot get the data to go to my word doc I have created. I believe I have the word doc setup correctly. But my flows will not work. I really need somebody to walk me through getting this completely ASAP. I am leaving my position in 2 weeks and I need finish my project. 


simple flow to send email 



Thank you so much for anybody who can assist!!




Super User
Super User

In your "Limit Columns by View", you need to write the name of the view you want to use. Looks like you've crammed a bunch of columns in there hoping it would limit by those. It is looking for a pre-set SharePoint view. So go create a view in SharePoint with those columns - keep in mind that filters do not apply in this sense, only the columns.


The fact that you don't have the option to Manually Trigger a Flow is wild to me, and makes no sense. I'm a Business Standard user - no fanciness here - and I have access to it. Where are you trying to add it? Are you trying to delete your trigger and re-create it? 

Honestly, your easiest and fastest method here might be using Encodian. They are baked into Microsoft so you'll see they don't need a premium license, AND, their many-many-many actions (PDF & word alike) are free up to X amount of runs per month. 

You might want to take a look at that and see if it helps before continuing this method. 

CC @AlexEncodian / @Jay-Encodian 




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Community Champion

Thanks @Rhiassuring 

Hey @jonis3401 - I think this post has you covered? - Populate a Word or PDF Document using Power Automate V2

It details how to take data captured in a PowerApp and add the data to a Microsoft Word document which is then added to SharePoint.

There's also some related guides covering:

Add SharePoint List Item Data to a Document

Mail Merge Word Document with Microsoft Forms Response


Let me know if I can help further

Thank you @Jay-Encodian for responding. Before I give this a try I have a question. When I create an account and I create this flow, how to do I transfer this flow over to the next person? 

I was trying to start my flow off with a manual trigger but the only option I have is the mobile option. 

If I sign up for a Encodian account, it wants a contract number. I do not have one. I am running out of options. If I use One Drive and transfer my flows over to somebody else will the documents transfer over as well?

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